How To Do AI Covers?

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  • May 13, 2024

AI covers are music reinvented. Imagine your favorite song sung by a different artist, even one who never sang! This tech goes beyond music, creating simulations of actors or writing scripts in existing styles.

The best AI tools are growing rapidly. Just a few years ago, this tech was out of reach for most. Now, with advancements and accessible computers, American music lovers can easily learn how to do AI covers, blurring the lines between creation and consumption.

Ready to make your first ever AI cover? Keep reading to find out how!

How to do AI Covers – Step-by-step Guide

Learning how to do AI covers involves a blend of creativity and technology, perfect for US users looking to showcase their music skills. Follow these detailed steps to transform your ideas into stunning visual representations:

1. Open “AI Cover Tool website”

2. Click on “Enter”

3. Click “Choose or upload a song”

4. Search your song on YouTube and paste the link onto the AI Cover website

5. Click “Select a voice”

6. Click “Let’s go”

7. Check your email and click the link

8. Listen and download your final AI Cover

1. Open AI Cover Tool website

For example, you can install, a free website that will create your AI cover song. It’s free and available for Mac and PC, and have your smartphone.

How-to-do-AI-Covers- Step-by-Step-Guide-Step-1

2. Click on “Enter”

Begin your AI cover journey by simply clicking the enter option.

How-to-do-AI-Covers- Step-by-Step-Guide-Step-2

3. Click “Choose or upload a song”

You have two options: Download an audio file (MP3, FLAC, etc.) of the song you want to cover, or find the song on YouTube.

How-to-do-AI-Covers- Step-by-Step-Guide-Step-3

4. Search your song on YouTube and paste the link onto the AI Cover website

If you want to enter an audio link, simply search the song on YouTube first. Open the YouTube video to copy and paste the song link on the website.

5. Click “Select a voice”

This is where you pick the specific voice that will sing your cover. Browse this category for singers and select any one personality of your choice.

6. Click “Let’s go”

After you have selected your voice, enter your email, tick the terms and condition box, and finally click on let’s go to generate your very first AI cover.
How-to-do-AI-Covers- Step-by-Step-Guide-Step-6

7. Check your email and click the link

After 5 minutes, the AI Cover website will send you a link of a generated cover. All you have to do is click the link to be redirected to your AI cover.
How-to-do-AI-Covers- Step-by-Step-Guide-Step-7

8. Listen and download your final AI Cover

You final AI cover is ready. Want to have a look at how it sounds? Check it out below:

What are the Popular Platforms for doing AI Covers?

AI is making waves in the music scene, allowing you to create unique covers with the power of artificial intelligence. Here are some popular platforms American song lovers can use while you learn how to do AI Covers:

1. is an AI-powered platform that allows you to generate song covers using different voices. Here are its key features:

  • offers thousands of voices to choose from, including famous singers, streamers, politicians, cartoon characters, and more.
  • You can create AI covers in seconds by selecting a voice and uploading your audio or video
  • The generated AI covers can be used to add a fun twist to podcasts, videos, and social media content.

2. Fineshare Singify

Fineshare Singify is a free and easy-to-use platform for creating AI covers.

  • Features:
  • Offers popular AI voice models to sing your cover.
  • No downloads or installations required, works directly in your browser.
  • Completely free to use.
  • May have a limited selection of voices compared to paid options.

3. Jammable

Jammable offers a user-friendly interface for creating AI covers with your favorite voices.


  • Large selection of voice models, including popular singers and even fictional characters.
  • Free to use with some limitations, paid plans offer more features and priority processing.

4. Voicify

Voicify is an interactive AI platform that lets you create custom voice overs and even train your own voice models


  • One of the most comprehensive platforms with a vast library of voice models.
  • Offers features like voice training and text-to-speech for more customization.
  • Paid subscription required, with different tiers offering varying features.

What are the Considerations While Creating AI Covers?

Here are two important considerations that you must consider when learning how to do AI covers:

  • Copyright: This can get tricky with AI covers. While the AI generation itself might be considered fair use, using copyrighted music or impersonating a singer’s voice for commercial purposes could be a problem.
  • Voice Selection: The quality of your AI cover heavily depends on the voice model you choose. Free platforms may have a limited selection, so I recommend exploring your options and picking a voice that complements the song you’re covering.

What are the Use Cases of Making AI Covers?

Want to learn how to make covers using Artificial Intelligence? Here are the many ways you can use AI covers in the world of American music:

  • For Fun: Experiment with different voices and create a humorous or unique version of your favorite song.
  • Practice & Learning: Singers can use AI covers to practice with different vocal styles or harmonies.
  • Music Production Ideas: Generate AI covers to spark creative ideas for your own music productions.
  • Non-Commercial Sharing: Share your AI covers with friends and family for fun, as long as you consider copyright restrictions.

What are the Success Stories of Making AI covers?

Here are some compelling success stories of AI music covers, as highlighted by TikTok users:

Justin Bieber Covering Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers”: Another popular AI-generated cover featured Justin Bieber singing Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers”, showcasing the versatility of AI in music production.

@parentswhodate Justin Bieber’s ai version of Miley Cyrus’ flowers. #justinbieber #mikeycyrus #flowers #marraige #divorce #songs #buymyselfflowers #ai #tiktokai #amazing #love ♬ original sound – ParentsWhoDate

Drake featuring “Heart on Sleeve”: The track first emerged on TikTok, shared by a user named Ghostwriter777. It subsequently made its way onto Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal, where it was credited solely to Ghostwriter.

Ariana Grande Covering SZA’s “Kill Bill”: TikTokers used AI to create a cover of Ariana Grande singing SZA’s song “Kill Bill”. The unique combination resonated strongly with fans, garnering enthusiastic responses like “WAIT I LOVE THIS” and “BRO IT FITS SO WELL” in the comments.

What are the Challenges in Creating AI Covers?

While learning jowHere are some challenges I faced when creating my first AI cover:

  • Finding the Right Voice: It took me a while to find a voice model that sounded good with the song I chose. Some voices sounded robotic or unnatural.
  • Limited Control: Since I was new to AI covers, I wasn’t sure how much control I had over the final product. I couldn’t tweak things like pitch or timing as easily as I would with regular recording.
  • Processing Power: Creating the AI cover took a surprisingly long time on my computer. It seems using a powerful computer is important for faster results.

What is the Importance of Making AI Covers?

In the ever-evolving world of music, AI covers are shaking things up. Here’s why learning how to do AI Covers is important:

  • Remix Revolution: Imagine your favorite song reborn in a whole new voice! AI lets you hear classics sung by legendary artists (or even fictional characters) you never thought possible.
  • Accessibility Amplified: Aspiring musicians can use AI to experiment with different vocal styles and create polished demos without needing expensive studio equipment.
  • Mashup Mania: AI opens the door to mind-bending mashups, where your favorite pop star belts out a rock anthem or a rapper drops verses on a jazz standard.
  • Musical Mash-Up Magic: Forget waiting for a collaboration to happen! AI lets you instantly create dream duets or band matchups, sparking new musical discoveries.
  • Future of Fan Engagement: Imagine artists using AI to release “alternate versions” of their songs with different singers, keeping fans engaged and excited.

What are the Future Insights of AI Covers?

Here’s a glimpse into the future of AI covers:

  • Hyperrealism: AI will become even more sophisticated, creating covers that are nearly indistinguishable from the original singer, blurring the lines between real and artificial.
  • Customizable Covers: Users will have more control, fine-tuning the AI’s performance to adjust things like emotion, style, and even vocal effects.
  • Real-Time Generation: Imagine creating AI covers instantly during live performances or music production sessions, opening doors for exciting creative possibilities.
  • AI Collaboration: The future might see AI actively participating in the creation of new music, using its understanding of music styles and vocals to co-write or harmonize with human artists.
  • Democratization of Music Creation: AI tools will become even more user-friendly, allowing anyone to create professional-sounding covers without needing extensive musical knowledge.

Explore More How-to Guides

Learn more tips and guidance by exploring our how-to guides below:


To create AI-generated K-pop covers, train the AI on K-pop datasets and incorporate natural language processing and audio synthesis technologies.

The legitimacy of AI covers depends on the technology used and its compliance with copyright and ethical standards.

Yes, you can make AI covers for free using platforms like or Soundation, which offer basic tools for AI music generation without cost.

To create a SpongeBob-themed AI cover, use AI music platforms that allow customization, inputting specific styles or themes like cartoon or sea adventure.

Wrap Up

So, we have finally learnt how to do AI Covers! We saw how this technology lets American social media users create unique versions of your favorite songs with different singers, even those who might never have sung them originally.

Feeling inspired? AI cover creation tools are becoming more accessible, and there are even free options available. If you wish to learn new AI terms, checkout our AI glossary.

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