How To Do The Yearbook AI Trend?

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Craving a taste of nostalgia? The Yearbook AI Trend is here! This viral craze uses AI to transform your selfies into yearbook photos from a specific era, like the 90s.

Learning how to do the Yearbook AI Trend, helped me create engaging text and captions and sharing across platforms like TikTok and Instagram to spark a challenge among friends.

While it’s a blast from the past, the purpose of one of these best AI tools goes beyond fun. It lets you explore different aesthetics and share a laugh with friends.

Want to be part of the AI 90s Yearbook Trend? Keep reading to learn more!

How to do the Yearbook AI Trend- Step-by-Step Guide for 2024

The Yearbook AI trend is a perfect example, where users can see how they would look as students from various decades past. Here’s a simple guide to help you learn how to do the Yearbook AI Trend with an image-editing tool like EPIK:

  • Download the EPIK App: Grab the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


  • Select Yearbook AI: Open EPIK and click on the AI feature, and scroll to Yearbook AI.
  • Upload Selfies: Pick 8-12 selfies.


  • Select your Gender: Choose one the three options from the gender tab.
  • Choose Delivery Speed: Decide between standard or express delivery (prices vary depending on speed).


  • Generate Photos: Wait 2-24 hours for the AI to create your 60 yearbook-style photos.


How to Edit and Refine AI-Generated Images for Yearbook

After you have learnt how to do the Yearbook AI Trend, here how you can edit and refine you AI-generated images:


  • Pick the Perfect Photos: After the AI generates your yearbook pics, choose the ones with the best facial recognition and overall style. Understanding how to spot AI-generated images can be crucial in selecting the highest quality outputs.
  • Exposure & Contrast: Use an image editing app to adjust brightness and contrast for a clearer, more polished look. Incorporating techniques for color correction in AI images can significantly improve the visual appeal of your photos.
  • Sharpen Up: Apply a touch of sharpening to enhance facial details and definition, especially in grainy vintage styles.
  • Vintage Touch (Optional): Add a touch of vintage grain using editing tools to further enhance the retro aesthetic (if that’s the style).
  • Cropping & Straightening: Crop the image for a better composition and straighten any tilted horizons for a more professional look. While doing these adjustments, it’s a good time to edit AI output for style and tone consistency, ensuring your yearbook images convey the intended mood and theme cohesively.

How to Share Your Yearbook AI Photo on Social Media

You can now share your Yearbook AI Photo on social media, like TikTok by just following the following steps:

  1. Download CapCut (editing app) on App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Search “Yearbook AI” template and choose the first result.
  3. Upload your favorite Yearbook photos and personalize the video.
  4. Export your video and share it on TikTok!

Additionally, if you’re looking to use AI tools for social media posts, incorporating your Yearbook AI photos can significantly enhance your content’s creativity and engagement.

YearBook Trends that Have Gone Viral OverNight

Social media moves fast, and trends can go viral overnight, especially like the Yearbook trend. Here are some of the biggest Yearbook trends that took the internet by storm:

Keke Palmer questions if her yearbook photos truly reflect her! The 30-year-old actress shared her high school snapshots on Instagram, humorously noting, “Something’s not right… these don’t quite look like ‘me’!”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by BIG BOSS 🔑🔑 (@keke)

Influencer James Charles , posted his Yearbook album on Instagram with the caption “I’m scared”.


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A post shared by James Charles (@jamescharles)

Yoga Influencer, Sarah Kim uploads a Yearbook AI photo with a caption that teases, “Perhaps in an alternate universe…”, she invites followers to reimagine the past, blending whimsy with a dash of vintage charm.


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A post shared by Sarah Kim (@jetsettingoddess)

What are the Tips for Creating a Professional Looking AI Yearbook?

I’ve been having a blast with the AI Yearbook trend, and here are some tips to take your results from fun to fantastic, while you learn how to do the Yearbook AI Trend.

  • Photo Selection is Key: I found using clear, well-lit selfies with minimal background clutter produced the best results. The AI needs a good starting point to work its magic!
  • Variety is Your Friend: Don’t just upload selfies with the same expression. I included a mix of smiles, frowns, and even goofy faces to see how the AI interpreted them in different yearbook styles.
  • Embrace the Unexpected: Sometimes the AI throws you a curveball, and that’s okay! I got one photo in a 70s style with a giant afro – hilarious and totally shareable.
  • Post-Processing Power: Don’t be afraid to tweak the final images a bit! I used a photo editing app to adjust brightness, contrast, and maybe even add a touch of vintage grain for extra retro flair.
  • Think Beyond Yourself: This trend isn’t just for selfies! I tried uploading photos of my pet and even some old family pictures. The results were surprisingly fun and sparked some great conversations.


How to Leverage the Yearbook AI Trend for Marketing

Here are some of the ways you can use this Artificial Intelligence tool for marketing to follow the latest social media trends 2024:

  • Nostalgic Engagement: Tap into the trend’s nostalgia factor! Create marketing campaigns that evoke a specific era relevant to your target audience.
  • Interactive Content: Develop quizzes or challenges using the AI Yearbook trend to boost user engagement on social media.
  • Brand Storytelling: Showcase your brand’s history or a product’s evolution through AI-generated yearbook photos for a unique and relatable approach.
  • Influencer Marketing: Partner with relevant influencers and have them create AI Yearbook photos to spread brand awareness and reach new audiences.
  • Personalized Promotions: Offer AI Yearbook photo generation as a limited-time promotion or reward program to incentivize customer interaction.

Doing the Yearbook AI Trend: Legal and Ethical Considerations

While learning how to do the Yearbook AI Trend, remember to consider the following AI ethics and legality:

  • Data Privacy: Consider what data the app collects from your photos. Look for apps with clear privacy policies and choose ones that anonymize your data.
  • AI Bias: AI algorithms can be biased based on the data they’re trained on. Be aware that your AI yearbook photos might not be fully representative of your appearance.
  • Ownership of Generated Images: Understand the app’s terms regarding ownership of the AI-generated photos. Who has the right to use them?
  • Misuse Potential: Be mindful of how you share your photos. Consider potential misuse, especially for younger users.

Moreover, being aware of common AI image generator mistakes can help prevent these pitfalls and ensure a more enjoyable experience.

Get More Inspiration, Explore these How-to Guides Too:

For additional inspiration and practical advice, explore our how-to guides below:


The cost of AI-generated yearbook photos varies; some apps offer free basic services with premium features available at a cost.

The latest AI photo trend involves using AI to transform modern photos into vintage or historical styles, making them appear as if taken in different past decades.

Yes, you can use various AI models that support image transformation features, but the results may vary depending on the model’s capabilities and focus.

Yes, you can sell your AI-generated images, provided you comply with copyright laws and have the necessary rights to the images and any software used.

Wrap Up

The AI Yearbook Trend is taking the web by storm! You can participate in the AI Yearbook trend free of charge on several AI-based websites for creating unique yearbook photos from a bygone era.

Learning how to do the Yearbook AI Trend isn’t just about fun! It’s a creative outlet to see yourself in a new light and spark laughter with friends. So, why not hop on the bandwagon and experience the magic of AI Yearbook? You can always learn more AI terms from our AI glossary.

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