How To Use Canva’s New AI-Powered Tools to Elevate Your Workflow?

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  • June 21, 2024

Are you ready to take your Canva game to the next level? Learning how to use Canva’s new AI-powered tools can transform your designs from ordinary to extraordinary, saving you hours of tweaking and fine-tuning.

In this guide, you will walk through seven of the best AI tools Canva has introduced to date that will revolutionize your design workflow. With 1.5 million people tuning into Canva last year,  these innovations generated a lot of excitement.

Ready to use Canva the new way? Keep reading to learn more about Canva’s latest updates!

What Are Canva’s New AI-Powered Tools?

Canva has recently introduced a range of 7 premium AI features. Get familiar with these before you learn how to use Canva’s new AI-powered tools:

  1. Video Highlights Creator: automatically creates highlights for any video.
  2. Magic Media Generator: Produce images, graphics, and videos based on styles and prompts.
  3. Design to Document Converter: Transform existing designs into customized documents quickly.
  4. AI Ad Optimizer: Enhance your ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  5. Live Presentation Recorder: Record live presentations with Canva AI presentation generator for webinars and pitches.
  6. AI Photo Editor: Instantly edit any element of a photo using AI.
  7. AI-Powered Style Transfer: Instantly apply the style of an existing design to a new image.

1. How to Use Canva’s AI Video Editor to Create Highlights from Any Video Instantly?

You can use Canva’s AI video editor to create highlights in seconds:

Auto-Trim and Highlights:

  • Click on the scissors icon.


  • Select Highlights to pick the best moments automatically


  • Select Highlights to pick the best moments automatically.


2. How to Generate Images, Graphics, and Videos with Magic Media?

Understanding how to use Canva’s new AI-powered tools can simplify your creative process. Follow these steps to generate images, graphics, and videos with Canva’s Magic Media:

  • Open Canva Magic Media feature


  • Choose your media type (Images, Graphics, or Video).
  • type your description in the description box.
  • Click on generate image.


  • Drag the generated image to your template and make any adjustments according to your needs.


If you’re working with AI-generated images, understanding how to spot an AI-generated image can be quite beneficial.

3. How to Quickly Turn Designs into Documents with Canva’s AI?

Learning how to use Canva’s new AI-powered tools includes quickly turning designs into documents. Follow these simplified steps to do so:

  • Upload your document using your chosen Canva template.
  • Click on Magic Switch


  • Choose the Transform option to modify content in your design.


  • Choose the type of content you’d like to create: Summary, Blog Post, Song lyrics, Email, Poem, All text, or Custom. Note that you can only transform one at a time.


  • Click on Transform into Doc. A notification will appear once the design is copied and transformed.


4. How to use Canva’s AI Ad Optimization to Improve Your Ads?

Following these steps will help you leverage Canva’s AI tools to create and optimize effective ads. Additionally, it’s worth noting how other platforms are integrating AI to enhance ad performance.

For instance, Google Ads rolls out AI-powered tools to provide businesses with smarter ways to reach their target audience.

  • Create Your Ad:
    • Start by designing your ad in Canva, choosing a template, or creating one from scratch.
  • Select Ad Type:
    • Click on Meta, then open and choose your ad type: Reels, Story, or Feed.
  • Add Audio:
    • Click on Audio and drag and drop your chosen audio clip into the ad.
  • Check Ad Quality:
    • Click on Meta again to check the ad quality and make necessary adjustments.

5. How to Record Live Presentations with Canva?

Recording live presentations with Canva can add a dynamic touch to your projects. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  • Upload your presentation on Canva
  • Click on Uploads
  • Choose the “Record Yourself” option


  •  Start Recording. The video recording screen will open. Hit Record and, once finished, click Save and exit.


6. How to Edit Photos Instantly with an AI Photo Editor?

Editing photos instantly with Canva’s AI photo editor is quick and simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Upload your image and then choose Edit image.


  • Select the Object to Edit: Switch to Click mode and select any object in the image.


7. How to Apply AI-Powered Styles to Your Designs?

Canva’s AI-powered styles can elevate your design game with ease. Follow these simple steps to apply these innovative features to your projects:

  • Open Canva Magic Design: Begin by selecting the Magic Design option in Canva.
  • Create Your Design: Choose a template that suits your needs and start designing.
  • Apply AI-Powered Styles: Go to the ‘Designs‘ and ‘Layouts‘ sections to access and apply automatic styles.

For exploring the creative side of AI further, discover how AI tools create art and integrate unique artistic elements into your designs.

Have People Started Using the New Canva AI Features?

Want to see how designers are using Canva’s new AI features? Check out these live testimonials!

Magic Edit

Magic Design

Canva AI Ad Optimizer

Which Feature of Canva Have You Started Using

What are the Advantages of Using AI-Powered Styles in Canva?

Learning how to use Canva’s new AI-powered tools can provide numerous advantages, making design accessible and efficient for everyone:

  • Save Time: AI styles help finish designs faster, avoiding extra work.
  • Consistent Design: Makes sure all projects look the same, giving a steady look to brands and personal work.
  • Boost Creativity: AI helps suggest new styles, giving users fresh ideas.
  • Easy to Use: Simplifies design so that anyone can use it, no matter their experience level.
  • High-Quality: Makes designs look professional without much effort.
  • Versatile: Works for many types of content like social media, presentations, and ads.
  • Accessible: Available to all Canva users, no matter their budget or skills.
  • Customizable: Although AI-made, styles can be personalized, letting users add their own touch.

“Across my team, we save 10 hours per week and can create up to 30 percent more social content. Canva saves me so much time because now I have a template. I can duplicate, clone it, and reshape it. It would take me hours without having this tool.
Rebekah Stewart”
Employer Brand Manager, Expedia Group

What are the Challenges and How to Overcome them, While Using Canva’s AI Tools?

While learning how to use Canva’s new AI-powered tools can greatly enhance your creative projects, there are some challenges you might encounter. Here are the key challenges and practical solutions to overcome them:

File format

  • Challenge: Canva lacks a robust file format, making accessing and managing settings difficult, especially when working on multiple projects.
  • Solution: Create a consistent naming system and use folders to categorize your designs. Regularly clean and archive old projects to keep your office organized.

Looking for specifics:

  • Challenge: Although Canva offers a large library of features, it can be difficult to find specific features due to the lack of advanced search functions.
  • Solution: Use precise keywords when searching and keep frequently used items in a dedicated folder for quick access. Pack your favorite items or collections for future use.

The Lagging issue:

  • Challenge: Canva’s performance can sometimes be slow, especially with high-resolution images or complex shapes, which affects your workflow.
  • Solution: Optimize images before uploading, work on simple images in small chunks, and clear your browser cache regularly. Consider working during off-peak hours when server load may be low.

Who Are the Most Frequent Users of Canva?

Canva AI tools are used to save time mostly by teachers and students, with over 60 million utilizing it in classrooms worldwide. It is employed in more than 600,000 schools across 3,500 school districts and has facilitated the creation of over 1.5 billion educational designs.


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To access Canva’s AI features, update to the latest version of Canva and navigate to the AI tools section in the design interface.

Yes, Canva’s AI tools are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making them suitable for beginners.

Yes, Canva allows extensive customization of AI-generated content, enabling you to tweak and personalize designs.

Yes, designs generated by Canva’s AI tools are copyright-free and can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Any business looking to streamline its design process, including marketing, advertising, and content creation, can benefit from Canva’s AI tools.

Wrap Up

Mastering how to use Canva’s new AI-powered tools can dramatically enhance your creative projects. These tools simplify complex tasks and bring a professional touch to your designs.

Start exploring these AI-powered features today to see how they can streamline your design process, and learn even more about AI from the AI glossary.

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