How to Use Perplexity AI Pages to Write Visually Appealing Articles? 

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  • June 13, 2024

Learning how to use perplexity AI pages to write articles can transform the way you create and present articles. This enables you to design visually appealing and engaging content, making it easier to engage your audience’s attention and convey your message effectively.

With Perplexity Pages, one of the best AI writing tools, I can effortlessly incorporate multimedia elements, interactive features, and personalized layouts into my articles.

Ready to write your first article with Perplexity? Keep reading to find out how.

What Is Perplexity AI Pages?

Perplexity Pages, a new innovative tool by Perplexity AI, makes creating engaging, informative content on any topic a breeze. Acting as your personal content assistant, it helps you effortlessly create, organize, and share information.

Simply type in a topic, and you’ll get a well-structured draft in minutes, saving you hours of work.

How to Use Perplexity AI Pages –  A Step-by-Step Guide to Write Visually Appealing Articles

Writing visually appealing articles can be a game-changer in capturing your audience’s attention. Learn this step-by-step guide on how to use Perplexity AI pages to write articles, with an example of how I use Perplexity:

Step 1: Getting Started with Perplexity Pages

  • Open Perplexity Pages: Navigate to Perplexity Pages by accessing the library section of Perplexity.


  • Create a New Page: Click “Create New Page” to start a new article.


Step 2: Set Up Your Article

  • Title and Introduction: Enter a captivating title and a brief introduction to your article.
  • Select a Template: Choose a visually appealing template that suits the theme of your article.


Step 3: Adding Content

  • Insert Text Blocks: Add text blocks for different sections of your article. Write concise and engaging content.
  • Use Headings and Subheadings: Organize your article with headings and subheadings to enhance readability.

Step 4: Incorporating Visual Elements

  • Add Images: Click on the “Add media” icon to upload or select images that complement your content.
  • Embed Videos: Insert relevant videos by clicking on the “Video” icon and pasting the video link.


Step 5: Customize the Layout

  • Adjust Layout: Use the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange text and media blocks for a balanced layout.
  • Apply Styles: Customize fonts, colors, and backgrounds to match your article’s aesthetic.

Step 6: Enhancing with Widgets

  • Insert Widgets: Add interactive widgets such as charts, maps, or polls to make your article more engaging.
  • Customize Widgets: Adjust each widget’s settings to ensure they integrate seamlessly with your content.

Step 7: Review and Edit

  • Proofread: Carefully review and refine your AI-generated article for any errors or typos.
  • Edit for Flow: Ensure the content flows logically and is easy to follow.

Step 8: Publish and Share

  • Preview: Click on “Preview” to see how your article will appear to readers.
  • Publish: Once satisfied, click “Publish” to make your article live.
  • Share: Share the link to your article on social media or other platforms to reach a wider audience.


What are the Potential Use Cases of Perplexity Pages?

Perplexity Pages offers a variety of applications that can streamline your content creation process and enhance productivity. Here’s a closer look at what is perplexity pages used for:


1. Effortless Blog and Website Content Creation: Need fresh content for your blog or website? Perplexity Pages can generate well-researched, engaging articles on any topic in no time.

Example: If you run a health and wellness blog, simply enter a topic like “benefits of meditation,” and you’ll get a comprehensive draft filled with insights and tips.

2. Transform and Repurpose Your Content: Got a bunch of social media posts or a podcast episode you want to turn into an article? Perplexity Pages makes it easy to repurpose and reformat your existing content.

Example: Imagine taking a series of LinkedIn posts about leadership strategies and turning them into an in-depth article or report for your business blog.

3. Beat Writer’s Block with Ease: Stuck on what to write next? Perplexity Pages can help you overcome writer’s block by providing a structured outline and relevant information to get you started.

Example: If you’re finding it difficult to start an article on the latest tech trends, Perplexity Pages can give you a detailed framework to spark your creativity and get the words flowing.

What Are the Tips and Best Practices for Using Perplexity Pages?

To get the most out of Perplexity Pages, it’s essential to follow some key tips and best practices. Here’s how to use Perplexity AI Pages to write articles effectively and ensure you’re maximizing its potential:

Tip Action
Set Up Profile Customize your profile to include your profession, hobbies, and preferred response language for more accurate and personalized answers.
Utilize Collections Create collections with custom prompts to organize your searches and share them with others.
Use Rewrite Feature Improve the quality of generated text by using the rewrite feature with different AI models, including the free tier model.
Cite Sources Use the cite sources feature to fact-check the information provided by Perplexity AI.
Generate Images Explore image generation models (Playground, Dolly 3, and Stable Diffusion XL) to create images for your blog posts or other creative projects.
Leverage Focus Switch between different functionalities like Web, WOM, Academics, YouTube, Writing, and Reddit using the Focus feature.
Try Pro Features Unlock additional benefits by trying Pro features such as access to the GPT-4 Claude Mistral large model and unlimited image generation. Note that the free version offers a limited number of Opus answers per day.

What Are Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using Perplexity Pages?

When learning how to use Perplexity AI Pages to write articles, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes that can hinder your success. Here are key pitfalls to avoid to make the most of this powerful tool:

  • Relying Solely on AI Output While Perplexity Pages can generate a lot of great content, don’t rely entirely on its output. Always edit AI output and add your personal touch to ensure the content aligns with your voice and style.
  • Not Fact-Checking Sources It’s crucial to verify the information provided by AI. Perplexity Pages include links to sources, so take the time to click through and confirm the accuracy of the data, especially if it’s critical.
  • Ignoring the Search Settings Make sure to set your search option to “all” to get the most comprehensive results. Limiting your search settings can restrict the quality and breadth of the information you receive.
  • Overlooking Feedback Options If you find information that is inaccurate or misleading, don’t just move on—mark it as such. This helps improve the tool for everyone and ensures better results in the future.
  • Using AI as a Substitute for Critical Thinking Perplexity Pages is a fantastic starting point, but it’s not a replacement for your judgment and analysis. Always evaluate the information yourself before using it in your work.

For more detailed guidelines, refer to Perplexity AI policies which outline the ethical use and best practices for utilizing the platform effectively and responsibly.

What Are Some Examples of Pages Generated by Perplexity Users?

When exploring how to use Perplexity AI Pages to write articles, you’ll find various user-generated content that showcases diverse applications of this user-friendly tool. Here are some examples of pages created by Perplexity users:

1. News Summaries:

Users curate news summaries, providing brief overviews of current events and important updates.


2. How-to Guides:

Individuals and experts share step-by-step instructions on various topics, from DIY projects to software tutorials.


3. Health and Disease Information:

Users compile information on various health conditions, symptoms, treatments, and preventive measures.


What is the Future of Perplexity Pages in AI Content Writing?

Perplexity Pages is shaping the future of AI content writing by offering innovative features that make content creation more efficient and engaging. Here’s a look at what this tool brings to the table in the future:

  • Instant Content Generation: Enter a topic, and Perplexity Pages generate a detailed table of contents with headings and sections in real time.
  • Image Suggestions and Generation: The tool suggests images for your content, which you can edit or generate using AI.
  • Audience-Specific Writing: Select your target audience, and the tool adapts the tone and style accordingly to suit their preferences.
  • Comprehensive Editing Options: Easily change images, and layout, and add media to customize your content. You can also generate images directly within the tool or use third-party tools.
  • Maintains Formatting and Images: When you make changes to sections, the tool keeps the formatting and images intact, ensuring consistency.
  • Flexible Section Management: Add, delete, or move sections effortlessly to organize your content just the way you want it.
  • Efficient Research Capabilities: Perplexity Pages performs research in minutes, providing high-quality content and saving you significant time.
  • Interactive Publishing and Sharing: Publish and share your pages with interactive features, making your content more engaging for your audience. Find out more about Perplexity AI’s exploration into discovery formats on iOS.

Get More Inspiration: Explore these How-to Guides Too:

For additional inspiration and practical advice, explore our how-to guides below:


Perplexity Pages offers both free and paid plans. The free plan includes basic features, while the paid plans offer advanced options.

Perplexity and ChatGPT serve different purposes and excel in different areas. Your choice depends on specific needs and preferences.

Create and customize pages with text, images, and other media. Share the link to make your knowledge accessible to others.

Yes, Perplexity Pages are designed to be SEO-friendly and can be indexed by Google. This helps increase their visibility online.

You can add text, images, videos, and links to your Perplexity Pages. This flexibility allows for rich and engaging content creation.

Wrap Up

Mastering how to use perplexity AI pages to write articles can truly transform the look and feel of your articles. Adding multimedia elements and interactive features makes your content more engaging and fun for your readers.

Using AI in content creation allows you to experiment with different layouts and styles to find what works best for your content. Want to find out more? Check out more at the AI glossary.

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