How To Use Simplified AI for Marketing Automation

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  • July 5, 2024

Simplified AI is one of the best AI tools designed to make marketing automation easier and more effective. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it helps you streamline your marketing efforts, saving you time and boosting your productivity.

In this blog, I’ll provide a detailed step-by-step guide and explore the benefits of using Simplified AI to get you started. From content creation to performance monitoring, you’ll learn how to leverage this tool to enhance your marketing strategy.

Ready to cut down time on marketing activities? Keep reading to learn how to use Simplified AI to leverage its features, monitor performance, and optimize your campaigns.

How To Use Simplified AI for Marketing Automation: (Step-by-Step Guide)

Marketing automation can streamline your workflow and enhance your campaign’s effectiveness. Follow this step-by-step guide to utilize Simplified AI for your marketing needs.

Step 1: Visit Simplified Account

Step 2: Log into Your Simplified Account

Step 3: Select Templates

Step 4: Automate Content Creation

Step 5: Edit and Enhance

Step 6: Preview and Save

Step 7: Share or Publish

Step 8: Monitor and Optimize

Step 9: Report Results

Step 1: Visit Simplified Account


Step 2: Log into Your Simplified Account

  • Use your email or Google/Facebook login to access your account.


Step 3: Select Templates

  • Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates for emails, social media posts, and ads.


Step 4: Automate Content Creation

  1. Leverage AI Tools: Use Simplified AI to generate presentations, thumbnails, ads, carousels, memes, social media quotes, and realistic images.


Step 5: Edit and Enhance

  1. Use the Editor: Make precise adjustments using the editor. Modify text, images, colors, and layouts as needed.

Step 6: Preview and Save

  1. Preview: Review your work to ensure it meets your expectations.
  2. Save: Save your project.

Step 7: Share or Publish

  1. Share Directly: Share your work directly to your social media platforms.
  2. Download: Download your content for other uses.
  3. Schedule: Schedule your content for later publication.

Step 8: Monitor and Optimize


  1. Track Performance: Use the analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of your campaign in real time.
  2. Analyze Data: Look at key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  3. Adjust Strategies: Make data-driven adjustments to improve campaign performance, such as tweaking content, targeting, or automation workflows.

Step 9: Report Results

  1. Generate Reports: Use Simplified AI’s reporting tools to create comprehensive reports on your campaign’s performance.

By following these streamlined steps, you can effectively use Simplified AI to automate your marketing processes, save time, and achieve better results.

What are the Benefits of Using Simplified AI for Marketing Automation?

Simplified AI provides various tools that make managing your marketing easier and more efficient. Here are some key benefits you’ll appreciate:

  • Quickly create stunning visuals with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and vast template library.
  • Easily produce professional-quality videos with trimming, merging, text, effects, and music options.
  • Plan, schedule, and publish posts across platforms with a unified dashboard and engagement tracking.
  • Save time and overcome writer’s block by generating high-quality text for various content types.
  • Enable team collaboration with multiple users working simultaneously, real-time updates, version control, and approval workflows.

What are the Common Use Cases of Simplified AI in Marketing Automation?

Simplified AI in marketing automation offers versatile solutions tailored to different needs. Here are some common use cases that illustrate its wide-ranging applications:

  • Small Businesses: Simplified is perfect for small businesses needing a cost-effective way to manage content creation and social media marketing.

For example, a local bakery can use Simplified to design eye-catching posts for Instagram and schedule them, all from one platform.

  • Freelancers: Freelancers benefit from Simplified AI’s all-in-one toolkit. A freelance graphic designer can easily create logos, edit videos, and write digital marketing content without switching between multiple tools, streamlining their workflow and managing client projects more efficiently.
  • Marketing Teams: Marketing teams can enhance their workflows with Simplified. A digital marketing agency, for instance, can use the platform’s collaboration features to coordinate between team members.
  • Content Creators: Content creators producing various content types find Simplified indispensable.

For example, A YouTuber can use Simplified for video editing, thumbnail creation, and scripting, all in one place, speeding up the production process and enhancing creative output.

How Does Simplified AI Compare with Traditional Marketing Automation Tools?

Simplified AI brings a modern approach to marketing automation by integrating multiple features into one platform. Here’s a comparison between Simplified AI and traditional marketing automation tools:

Feature Simplified AI Traditional Marketing Automation Tools
Graphic Design Integrated with extensive templates Often requires separate tools or integrations
Video Editing Built-in video editing capabilities Usually lacks integrated video editing
AI Copywriting Advanced AI-driven copywriting tools Rarely includes AI copywriting
Social Media Management Comprehensive social media scheduling and management Requires additional software for social media tasks
Collaboration Tools Real-time collaboration features for teams Limited or no real-time collaboration
Analytics and Reporting In-depth performance analytics and reporting Basic analytics, often needing external tools
Ease of Use User-friendly, all-in-one platform Can be complex and fragmented
Cost-Effectiveness Cost-effective with multiple features in one platform Often more expensive with additional tool costs

In this context, it’s also important to understand how to effectively edit AI output for style and tone consistency to ensure that all marketing materials, regardless of the platform used to create them, maintain a high level of quality and brand alignment.

What are the Alternatives and Competitors of Simplified AI?

1. Canva


Canva is widely loved for its user-friendly graphic design capabilities and vast template library. It shines in creating visually appealing graphics, but it falls short in integrated video editing and AI-driven copywriting, which are strengths of Simplified.

Why Simplified is AI Better: While Canva excels in graphic design, Simplified offers a more comprehensive suite by integrating video editing and AI copywriting tools. 

2. Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark is an all-in-one tool for graphic design, video editing, and web page creation. While it covers multiple content creation aspects, it doesn’t match the depth of Simplified’s AI copywriting and social media management features.

Why Simplified AI is Better: Simplified not only matches Adobe Spark in design and video editing but also surpasses it with integrated AI copywriting and comprehensive social media management. 

3. Hootsuite


Hootsuite excels in social media management, offering advanced scheduling and analytics for social media posts. However, it lacks the design and copywriting capabilities that Simplified provides.

Why Simplified AI is Better: Simplified offers a seamless blend of social media management with robust design and AI copywriting tools. 

This integration provides marketers with a single platform to create, schedule, and analyze content, making it more versatile and efficient than Hootsuite.

4. Crello


Crello is another excellent graphic design tool similar to Canva, boasting a wide variety of templates and design elements. However, it doesn’t offer video editing or AI copywriting features.

Why Simplified AI is Better: Simplified stands out by integrating video editing and AI copywriting with its design tools, providing a versatile platform that meets all content creation needs in one place. 

What Challenges Can You Face When Using Simplified AI in Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation with simplified AI offers greater efficiency and personalization, but it also has its challenges. Here are some key obstacles you might face:

  • Simplified AI tools may struggle to handle and integrate diverse data sources, leading to inaccurate insights and ineffective marketing strategies.
  • Jargon-laden documentation and intricate algorithms deter non-experts from utilizing SlimLife AI effectively.
  • SlimLife AI prioritizes intuitive design and GUIs to make its features accessible to users without deep technical backgrounds.
  • The high demand for AI professionals limits the availability of experts to support SlimLife AI.

What are the Future Trends of AI in Marketing Automation?

AI is reshaping the marketing landscape, offering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and personalization. Here are the key future trends you can expect in AI-driven marketing automation:

  • AI Advancements and New Capabilities: Evolving AI tools now predict customer behavior, automate content creation, and enhance real-time decision-making, saving time and effort.
  • The Growing Role of AI in Marketing Strategy: AI analyzes data for targeted campaigns, segments audiences automatically, and predicts purchasing behaviors to improve upselling and cross-selling.
  • Long-term Impact of AI on the Marketing Industry: AI makes marketing more data-driven and customer-centric, leading to efficient operations, cost reductions, and better customer experiences.

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Simplified AI is a versatile platform that automates marketing tasks such as content creation, social media management, and data analysis to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Simplified AI offers a free plan with basic features. For advanced functionalities, paid plans are available.

A basic understanding of digital marketing and familiarity with AI tools can help. No advanced technical skills are required.

Simplified AI provides AI-driven writing, design templates, and social media post generation. It also includes tools for video creation and editing.

You can automate content creation, social media scheduling, email marketing, and data analysis tasks with Simplified AI.

Yes, Simplified AI is designed to be user-friendly and cost-effective, making it ideal for small businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts.

Wrap Up

Understanding how to use Simplified AI for marketing automation can rebuild your marketing efforts into productive tasks. By automating those repetitive tasks, you get more time to focus on the strategies that drive growth.

Using Simplified AI not only saves you time but also makes your marketing more effective. Start incorporating this tool into your daily routine and see how it can boost your productivity. Learn more about AI in the AI glossary.

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