Adobe Adds New Feature to Firefly AI Tool

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  • March 29, 2024

During this year’s Adobe Summit, which focuses on Adobe’s workplace products, the company shared news about its latest updates in generative AI.

One of the key highlights was the introduction of a ‘Structure Reference’ option for its Firefly design tool.

This new feature aims to make it easier for users to create images without having to repeat their text prompts.

By using an image as a guide, Firefly can now produce a new image that follows the same outline. Users can also specify a style reference to give the new image a certain look or feel.

Adobe also announced GenStudio, described as a comprehensive solution to make content creation and management simpler and faster with generative AI and smart automation. GenStudio is meant to make it easier for anyone to use generative AI for media campaigns and to help teams see how effective their campaigns are.

People are finding it to be really cool:

The company’s content management system is getting a boost, too, with the addition of ‘variant generation’.

This feature allows for the creation of personalized content from a single piece of marketing material.

Another new feature, Adobe Content Analytics, will help users understand how well AI-generated content is doing by looking at business metrics.

Additionally, Adobe introduced Firefly Services, which includes more than 20 creative APIs, tools, and services focused on making content more relevant to different locales and personal tastes.

These services can change backgrounds for products and switch out scenery and languages, making content more appealing to a wider audience.

These updates from Adobe aim to bring new tools and features to designers, marketers, and businesses, helping them create more engaging and effective digital content with AI.

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