Adobe Launches VideoGigaGAN for 8x Video Quality Boost

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  • May 15, 2024
adobe-launches-videogigagan-for-8x-video-quality-boost- enhancing low-resolution-videos-to-much-higher-clarity

Adobe researchers have unveiled a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence model named VideoGigaGAN. It’s set to dramatically upscale video quality, enhancing low-resolution videos to much higher clarity.

Demo clips on their project website show its impressive ability to transform a 128×128 pixel video into a sharp 1,024×1,024 pixel resolution.

The strength of VideoGigaGAN lies in its attention to detail. In tests, human faces show clear skin textures and hair strands, while environmental elements like swans and trees gain visibly enhanced detail.

This meticulous focus is crucial for Adobe as it expands its image-enhancing technology. Check out some real-life footages of VideoGigaGAN’s users:

VideoGigaGAN employs a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technique, based on the existing GigaGAN, known for upscaling images realistically.

TheVerge notes that previous tech often struggled with video quality enhancements, leading to various issues like strange visual artifacts. To address these challenges, Adobe’s team has developed several innovative techniques.

Check out the differences highlighted by some Twitter users:

These include a flow-guided module to keep video frames consistent, anti-aliasing to smooth out artifacts, and a feature that compensates for detail loss. While complex, these improvements are crucial for maintaining video integrity.

Adobe’s recent focus on AI integration, such as Firefly and new Acrobat features, suggests VideoGigaGAN might soon appear in their products.

A similar technology was previewed at Adobe MAX 2023, hinting at potential new applications for video upscaling. While still under development, VideoGigaGAN represents a significant advancement in video processing technology.


Although it currently faces limitations with long videos and small object rendering, its potential applications, like enhancing old family videos, are exciting.

Looks like also sounds like a good news for memers:

byu/fbfaran from discussion

Adobe’s ongoing developments and the potential of VideoGigaGAN are worth watching, as they promise to transform how we enhance and enjoy videos.

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