Beam Me Up, Scotty! AIs Excel in Math When Channeling Star Trek!

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  • March 1, 2024

Communicating effectively with AI chatbots remains a perplexing challenge, but a recent study by Rick Battle and Teja Gollapudi at VMware offers a novel insight: employing Star Trek-themed prompts can significantly boost AIs capability to solve basic math problems.

This discovery, part of research first shared by New Scientist and posted on arXiv, sheds light on the nuanced ways prompts influence AI performance, suggesting that the context and framing of these prompts can dramatically alter outcomes.

Battle and Gollapudi’s experiment involved feeding three Large Language Models (LLMs) with 60 prompts designed to invoke a sense of “positive thinking” in AI.

The prompts varied from encouraging messages to Star Trek-themed commands, aiming to guide the AI through a series of grade-school math problems.


“Surprisingly, it appears that the model’s proficiency in mathematical reasoning can be enhanced by the expression of an affinity for Star Trek,” the authors said in the study.

“This revelation adds an unexpected dimension to our understanding and introduces elements we would not have considered or attempted independently,” they said.


The findings revealed a surprising edge in performance when the AI was engaged with prompts that carried a sense of adventure and exploration, akin to the Star Trek narrative.

What stands out from the study is not just the quirky Star Trek connection but the broader implication that the way we interact with AI can profoundly impact its functionality.

While it’s clear that AIs don’t harbor a preference for sci-fi, the study underscores the complex and often unpredictable nature of AI learning processes.

As this news broke on the internet, people around the world started sharing their views and thoughts about it. For some, it sounds quite fascinating.

Catherine Flick from Staffordshire University highlighted the inherent mystery of AI decision-making, emphasizing that these systems, with their myriad of weights and probabilities, remain largely inscrutable.

While some might view this Star Trek-themed approach to AI communication with a hint of amusement, the underlying implications are far from trivial.

The research also points to a shift towards automation in crafting prompts, as AI seems to excel at self-generating effective communication triggers.

This evolution in AI interaction suggests a future where our engagement with technology will increasingly rely on understanding and leveraging these intricate systems’ underlying mechanics.

As AI continues to integrate into various aspects of work and life, unraveling the subtleties of our interactions with these systems becomes ever more crucial, offering a glimpse into the intricate dance between human ingenuity and machine intelligence.

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