Alibaba and Lenovo Announced to Launch AI PCs – Eyeing 85% Market Share by 2027

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  • May 7, 2024

In a groundbreaking development in the tech world, Alibaba Group Holding Limited and Lenovo Group have announced a partnership to create a new line of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered PCs. This collaboration aims to set new industry standards and capitalize on the growing demand for generative AI technologies.

The announcement was made at Lenovo’s Tech World event in Shanghai, which showcased the company’s commitment to innovation and cooperation with major domestic tech leaders, including Tsinghua University’s Institute for AI Industry Research.

This initiative marks a pivotal step for Lenovo and Alibaba as they look to lead the market with cutting-edge AI solutions. The partnership’s flagship product, the Yoga Book 9i, is a specialized AI PC designed to handle complex AI operations locally, without relying on cloud-based services.

Alongside the Yoga Book, Lenovo introduced various other AI-centric devices, all equipped with Lenovo Xiaotian, a personal AI assistant powered by Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen large language model. These developments come at a time when AI technology is increasingly integrated into everyday devices.

Industry analysts from IDC project that by 2027, AI PCs will represent 85% of new PC sales in China. This prediction highlights the significant impact that AI integration is expected to have on the tech industry, reshaping how consumers and businesses interact with technology.

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This new lineup of AI PCs and devices places Lenovo and Alibaba at the forefront of the AI revolution, challenging other tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Intel, who are also intensifying their focus on AI-enhanced offerings.

The competition is fierce, with Microsoft planning to release its version of AI PCs that will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite processors, targeting a similar launch time frame.

Despite the ambitious launch, Alibaba’s shares saw a slight decline, trading lower by 0.70% at $68.40 in the premarket session last Friday. This minor dip reflects market uncertainties but underscores the high stakes and intense competition in the rapidly evolving AI tech sector.

As Lenovo and Alibaba push forward with their AI innovations, the tech industry watches closely. The success of their AI PCs could not only redefine personal computing but also solidify their positions as leaders in the global tech arena.

The focus now shifts to how consumers will respond to these advanced capabilities and whether the promise of local AI processing can meet the growing expectations and demands of the tech-savvy public.

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