Apple Secures $25-$50 Million Deal with Shutterstock to License Millions of Images for AI Training

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  • April 8, 2024

In a significant stride towards enhancing Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Apple has officially entered into an agreement with Shutterstock to license millions of images, fortifying its resources for AI model training. This landmark deal, reportedly valued between $25 and $50 million, underscores the burgeoning demand for legitimate content sources amid the AI revolution.

As the AI sector expands, the quest for quality training data has intensified. Initially, companies like OpenAI navigated this challenge by extracting data from the web. However, the shadow of copyright concerns has prompted a shift towards formal licensing agreements. Apple’s initiative mirrors this industry-wide trend, aiming to secure a solid foundation for its AI endeavors.

But not everyone is happy with this data sharing with Generative AI circle and people have shown their frustration.

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The transaction with Shutterstock is not an isolated venture. Notably, tech giants such as Meta, Google, and Amazon have embarked on similar paths, underscoring a collective move towards securing licensed content. This strategy not only mitigates legal risks but also ensures access to a diverse and high-quality data pool for AI training.

Parallel to its engagement with Shutterstock, Apple has explored potential collaborations with news publishers, contemplating the licensing of articles to refine its AI models further. This holistic approach to content acquisition highlights the strategic importance of diverse datasets in AI development.

Meta’s discussions about acquiring a book publisher like Simon & Schuster further illustrate the sector’s commitment to amassing a comprehensive content arsenal. Such moves are pivotal in advancing AI technology, providing models with a rich variety of learning materials.

Apple, traditionally perceived as trailing in the AI innovation race, is poised to change the narrative. With iOS 18, the company aims to spotlight AI-powered features, promising an enhanced user experience for iPhone aficionados. The anticipated reveal at the WWDC, with the keynote scheduled for 10 AM PT on June 10, has sparked considerable interest among tech enthusiasts and industry analysts alike.

This strategic alliance between Apple and Shutterstock marks a critical juncture in the tech industry’s evolution. It not only highlights the escalating value of licensed content for AI development but also sets a precedent for ethical and legally compliant data usage.

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