Apple AI Stirs Controversy: Destructive iPad Ad Shows Books Instruments Crushed

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  • May 9, 2024

Apple AI recently launched a new advertising campaign for its latest iPad lineup, sparking widespread controversy and indignation among artists, creatives, and the general public.

The ad, titled “Crush!” features a massive hydraulic press flattening a variety of artistic and cultural objects—from musical instruments to arcade video games—culminating in the reveal of a sleek new iPad.

This provocative portrayal was intended to showcase the iPad’s capabilities, suggesting that all forms of creative and cultural expression could be condensed into this one device.
However, the ad has been met with backlash, particularly from the artistic community, which is already grappling with fears over how Artificial Intelligence technology might replace human creativity and jobs.

Critics argue that the imagery of beloved objects being destroyed is a harsh reminder of artists’ ongoing challenges in the digital age. The commercial’s message has been interpreted as insensitive and dismissive of the value and disrespect of traditional artistic tools and expressions.

The outcry was amplified by notable figures in the arts, including actor Hugh Grant and cartoonist James Kochalka, who expressed their dismay and disappointment on social media platforms. The controversy points to a deeper unease about the role of technology in the arts and the potential for AI to disrupt traditional creative processes.

Here’s a tweet of James Kochalka sharing his disappointment about the advertisement for the new iPad!

Apple’s intent with the ad was to highlight the technological capability and versatility of the iPad, positioned as capable of performing the functions of various tools and media that it ‘crushed‘. Yet, this has touched a nerve at a time when the implications of AI and automation on creative jobs are hotly debated.

Even one user has created a rewind video of the ad, saying that this video is now fixed!

Despite its innovative intent, the ad has not only drawn criticism for its message but also for its timing. The creative industries are currently susceptible to the implications of AI, with ongoing debates and strikes about how technology is reshaping artistry and production.

The ad’s stark imagery of destruction rather than transformation has led to a broader discussion about the responsibilities of tech companies in representing the impact of their products on cultural industries.

While some people hold totally different views on this ad.

byu/ghedin from discussion

Apple, known for its influential marketing and ability to set trends, may have misjudged the public mood. The company’s historical influence on public perception through advertising—like the iconic “1984” and “Think Different” campaigns—has this time around backfired, highlighting the growing tension between technological advancement and cultural preservation.

byu/ghedin from discussion

The backlash against the iPad ad is a clear signal to Apple and other tech companies about the need for greater sensitivity and awareness of the cultural dimensions of their products, especially as AI continues to blur the lines between technology and human creativity.

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