ChatGPT on iPhone? Apple Finalizing Deal with OpenAI for iOS 18 Update

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  • May 13, 2024

Apple is close to incorporating ChatGPT into iOS 18, reflecting a major update in its AI strategy. The company is in the final stages of discussions with OpenAI to embed its AI models into the iPhone’s operating system, which is expected to be introduced in the upcoming release.

This partnership shows Apple’s commitment to maintaining technological leadership in a competitive market.

As soon as this news landed on the surface of the internet, people worldwide took to their social media platforms to share their perspectives.

The proposed integration of ChatGPT, following discussions with both OpenAI and Google, aims to improve the iPhone’s intelligence and functionality, changing how users interact with their devices.

This initiative is part of Apple’s larger goal to infuse its products with more advanced AI technology, making features smarter and significantly enhancing user experience.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the specifics of how ChatGPT will be utilized in iOS 18 are still being ironed out.

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg said, “The two sides have been finalizing terms for a pact to use ChatGPT features in Apple’s iOS 18, the next iPhone operating system, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the situation is private.

Apple also has held talks with Alphabet Inc.’s Google about licensing that company’s Gemini chatbot. Those discussions haven’t led to an agreement but are ongoing.

The report cautions that there’s still “no guarantee” that a deal between Apple and OpenAI “will be announced imminently.”

Sources indicate that Apple may introduce these features at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, with expectations for new AI-powered functions across apps like iMessage, FaceTime, and Siri.

This move follows Apple’s exploration of various AI technologies, including potential partnerships with Google to use the Gemini Chatbot. However, attention has now turned towards OpenAI’s solutions, which are expected to provide broader features.

Apple’s strategy for integrating ChatGPT could redefine user interactions, offering improved conversational interfaces, better task management, and more personalized experiences through Artificial Intelligence.

While many seemed critically criticizing Apple!

byu/ICumCoffee from discussion

Rumors also suggest that Apple’s internal AI projects are progressing, with potential features that could be included in future updates.

The introduction of AI is expected to expand beyond simple, functional improvements, possibly changing how users engage with their devices and creating a more interactive and responsive user environment.

byu/ICumCoffee from discussion

As Apple approaches finalizing the deal with OpenAI, the tech community looks forward to the official announcement, which could establish new standards for AI integration in smartphones.

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