Apple’s Make-or-Break Moment: Can WWDC Prove Its Mettle in AI?

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  • June 21, 2024

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, commencing on June 10th, is poised to be a significant event as the company unveils its major push into generative AI. The world is keenly watching to see what Apple has developed over the past few months, especially as its competitors have already made strides in the AI space.

During a recent Q2 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook emphasized Apple’s potential in AI, highlighting the company’s strengths in hardware, software, and services integration, coupled with its focus on privacy.

This integration is expected to be a key differentiator for Apple in the AI era. Marketing chief Greg Joswiak also hyped the event, suggesting that the announcements would be “Absolutely Incredible,” hinting at major AI advancements.

During WWDC, Apple showcased its AI advancements but notably avoided the term “artificial intelligence.” To understand this choice, read why Apple won’t use the term “Artificial Intelligence”.

For an in-depth look at Apple’s pioneering AI advancements, read our detailed article on Apple’s AI innovations. It covers the cutting-edge technologies that could define their success at WWDC and beyond.

Here’s what people have to say about the event!

One of the most anticipated announcements is a generative AI-powered version of Siri. This new version of Siri is expected to control individual features within apps, making it far more versatile than its current form.

Traditionally, Siri has been underwhelming compared to other digital assistants, often limited to basic tasks like setting timers. The new AI version promises to transform Siri into a true digital helper, providing proactive tips and improved responses to user queries.

Apple Intelligence, the branding for these new AI features, will extend across various apps, including Messages, Notes, and Safari. Reports indicate that Apple has been in talks with OpenAI and Google to license their respective GPT and Gemini AI models. This collaboration could complicate matters, given that OpenAI is closely allied with Microsoft, and Google uses its AI for its own competing devices.

Consumers and investors alike are eager to see whether Apple’s AI rollout will live up to the hype. While it might not immediately drive a rush to upgrade to new iPhones, the broader integration of AI across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS could enhance the user experience.

Apart from AI, Apple is expected to introduce Rich Communication Services (RCS) for iPhones, enabling users to send high-quality images and videos to Android devices with improved security over the current SMS standard. Additionally, Apple might finally allow more customization of app icons on the iPhone home screen, moving away from the traditional grid layout.

Despite being late to the AI race compared to rivals like Google and Microsoft, Apple aims to make its AI features not just flashy but genuinely useful. The company is likely to focus on making AI features reliable and seamlessly integrated into its ecosystem.

Features like offline transcription in Voice Memos and Notes, AI-generated summaries of notifications and web pages, and AI-powered photo editing in the Photos app are expected to enhance user convenience.

Apple Intelligence will feature a mix of on-device and cloud-based processing, depending on the complexity of the task. Apple will likely offer detailed transparency reports on data handling to maintain user trust and ensure that new features are opt-in.

WWDC 2024 is pivotal for Apple, showcasing its strategic entry into the generative AI arena. With a strong emphasis on privacy, practical applications, and seamless integration, Apple aims to redefine the landscape of artificial intelligence in consumer technology.

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