Apple and Meta Joining Forces on AI? Tech World Abuzz with Rumors

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  • June 24, 2024

Apple has reportedly discussed partnering with Meta on artificial intelligence (AI). The iPhone maker and the social media giant have discussed integrating Meta’s AI model into Apple’s recently announced Apple Intelligence, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Sunday (June 23).

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The report noted that Meta and other companies working on generative AI products are hoping to take advantage of Apple’s massive distribution. For its part, Apple has said it plans to work with partners such as OpenAI for more complex AI tasks.

“We wanted to start with the best,” said Apple software leader Craig Federighi, adding that ChatGPT “represents the best choice for our users today.”

He said the company wanted to integrate Google’s AI model, Gemini. Sources told WSJ that Apple has also held talks with AI startups Anthropic and Perplexity about bringing their generative AI to Apple Intelligence.

PYMNTS has contacted both companies for comment but has not yet gotten a reply. The report also looked at the mechanics of AI partnerships in a conversation with Gene Munster, an Apple analyst and managing partner at Deepwater Asset Management.

He said that while ChatGPT usage is projected to double with the Apple partnership, OpenAI’s infrastructure costs could increase by 30% to 40%.

Munster told WSJ that 10% to 20% of Apple users would choose to pay for a premium AI subscription to a product like ChatGPT, something that could mean billions of dollars for AI firms that integrate with Apple Intelligence.

“Distribution is hard to get,” Munster said. “The beauty of what Apple has built is that you’ve got this engaged distribution at scale.”

Apple’s partnership with OpenAI is designed to give Apple’s digital assistant Siri and its writing tools new heft thanks to advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

While Apple could have used its own AI tech, the company concluded that its customers might want to use other AI solutions, like those that Apple itself sees as industry-leading, like OpenAI.

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As that report said, the joint effort is reminiscent of the partnerships that are “increasingly top of mind” for players in the bank, FinTech, and B2B sectors.

“The classic dilemma of whether to build an in-house solution, buy a ready-made product or form a partnership to integrate new technologies has been a cornerstone of business development for decades, but the importance of partnering with third-party vendors has increasingly come to the forefront,” that report said. “The fast-paced evolution of technology and the rising complexity of consumer expectations adds layers of intricacy to this decision.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple and Meta may find common ground around AI technology despite their historical rivalry. This collaboration aims to integrate Meta’s AI models into iOS 18 for Apple Intelligence, similar to Apple’s deal with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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Currently, Apple’s on-device and cloud models power most of Apple Intelligence’s functionality, but the company is willing to use third-party AI models for user requests about ‘world knowledge.’

With iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence enabled, Siri can transfer certain user requests to ChatGPT, provided user permission is granted. The integration with ChatGPT includes strict data privacy measures, ensuring no user data is collected or retained by OpenAI.

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Apple’s approach to AI emphasizes practicality over flashiness, integrating AI-powered features such as writing suggestions and custom emojis into existing products. This methodical integration may be key to widespread AI adoption.

The AI collaborations, including the potential partnership with Meta, are expected to be part of the upcoming iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia updates.

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However, due to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, Apple plans to withhold certain AI technologies from the EU to protect user privacy and data security.

Apple’s partnership with OpenAI is not just for Siri enhancements but also extends to the Writing Tools panel, helping users generate text or photorealistic imagery.

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Users can access these features for free, with the option to sign in with their ChatGPT account for additional benefits. While the deal with Meta is not finalized, it represents a big step in Apple’s AI strategy, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly AI experience.

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Apple’s recent flurry of strategic moves underscores its relentless pursuit of AI excellence, signaling a significant shift in the tech giant’s approach to innovation and partnerships.

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These developments highlight Apple’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI technology into its ecosystem, setting the stage for a transformative future in mobile technology and beyond.


The potential partnership with Meta and the ongoing collaborations with other AI companies highlight Apple’s commitment to integrating diverse and advanced AI solutions into its ecosystem.

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