Apple Researchers Say Apple’s New AI System can beat gpt-4

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  • April 4, 2024
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Apple’s team has made a new AI system called ReALM that’s changing how voice helpers understand us. This cool change could make talking to gadgets much simpler and more like chatting with a friend.

Up until now, voice assistants have struggled to fully get what we mean, especially when our words are vague or the chat takes twists and turns. Apple’s ReALM is here to fix that. It looks at figuring out what we’re talking about not just by words but by understanding the context and visual stuff on screens—as something it can solve just like it solves other language puzzles.

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Before ReALM, voice assistants often got mixed up trying to make sense of our words plus all the visual hints they could see, which could make them respond in ways that didn’t quite fit what we wanted. ReALM makes things easier by turning everything it sees on a screen into text that it can understand, helping it to keep up with our conversations without missing a beat.

Apple’s studies show that ReALM does a way better job than older methods, even outdoing the tech behind GPT-4. This means we might soon talk to our gadgets using normal language no need to spell everything out so carefully. This could be super helpful, like when we’re trying to use our car’s screen without getting distracted, or for anyone who finds direct interaction tough.

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Apple has been exploring AI for a while, looking for ways to better understand words and pictures. As we look forward to what Apple will reveal at its big WWDC event in June, ReALM is just a peek at the exciting artificial intelligence stuff they’re working on.

With tech always moving forward, AI’s role in making our gadgets more helpful and easier to use is only going to grow. Apple’s latest move with ReALM shows they’re serious about leading the charge, aiming to make tech that’s not just smart, but also easy and enjoyable for everyone to use.

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