Despite $10 Billion Hopes in AI Chip Sales, Broadcom Faces an Unexpected Stock Dip!

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  • March 8, 2024

In a strategic move reflecting the semiconductor industry’s swift turn toward artificial intelligence (AI), Broadcom Inc. has set an ambitious target, aiming for a whopping $10 billion in AI chip sales revenue by 2024.

This bold forecast underscores the burgeoning potential of AI in the tech sector despite eliciting mixed reactions from investors concerning the company’s broader financial outlook.

Broadcom unveiled this projection during an earnings call, where CEO Hock Tan detailed that a significant chunk of this revenue—about $7 billion—would come from offering custom AI chip design services to two major but undisclosed clients, believed by industry insiders to be Alphabet’s Google and Meta Platforms.

“We told you in December our revenue from AI would be 25% of our full-year semiconductor revenue,” Chief Executive Hock Tan said on the earnings call. “We now expect revenue from AI to be much stronger, representing some 35% of semiconductor revenue at over $10 billion, and this more than offsets weaker-than-expected demand in broadband and server storage.”

Following the announcement, there was widespread speculation globally that the company’s stock prices were poised for a rapid surge in just a few hours!

But what happened next was unexpected!

The announcement stirred the stock market, as Broadcom’s shares saw a dip in after-hours trading, reflecting investor unease despite the company not altering its overall annual revenue expectation of $50 billion.

The focus on AI chip development signifies Broadcom’s alignment with the explosive growth in AI technologies, which demand advanced networking chips for handling the immense data requirements of AI computing. The company, along with its competitors, is keen on capturing a substantial share of this booming market.

Despite of the dip, people seemed to have high hopes with Broadcom.

Broadcom’s revenue strategy isn’t solely reliant on AI chips; the firm’s broad portfolio, including partnerships with tech entities like VMware and CA Technologies, illustrates a diversification strategy pivotal for growth amidst the rapid technological shifts.

Despite a promising forecast for AI chip sales, the company’s stock response mirrors the broader market’s cautious stance, driven by the uncertainties clouding the tech industry. As Broadcom steers through this period of innovation and market flux, its trajectory will likely offer valuable insights into the semiconductor sector’s future direction in an AI-dominated landscape.

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