Cisco Launches AI-focused Cyber Security System HyperShield Following $28 Billion Deal With Splunk

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  • May 7, 2024

In a significant expansion of its security solutions, Cisco Systems introduced HyperShield on Thursday, an advanced security architecture that leverages Artificial Intelligence to safeguard data across multiple environments.

This announcement comes on the heels of Cisco’s strategic $28 billion acquisition of cybersecurity firm Splunk, positioning the enterprise technology giant at the forefront of AI-driven security.

HyperShield, as detailed in Cisco’s latest press release, is an innovative approach to security, designed to protect applications, devices, and data whether they reside in public or private data centers, clouds, or physical locations.

Unlike traditional security systems that act as rigid barriers, HyperShield functions more like a fabric that envelops and secures critical IT assets, offering unprecedented visibility and control over potential vulnerabilities.

One of the standout features of HyperShield is its autonomous segmentation capability, which intelligently divides a network into smaller, manageable segments to enhance both performance and security.

This feature is crucial for organizations dealing with sensitive infrastructures, such as healthcare facilities with MRI machines or industrial locations like oil rigs.

Additionally, HyperShield incorporates self-qualifying upgrades, automating the testing and deployment of system updates, thus reducing the window of vulnerability that typically accompanies manual patching processes.


The development of HyperShield was significantly influenced by the burgeoning field of digital AI assistants and the increasing demands they place on IT infrastructures.

Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s executive vice president and general manager of security and collaboration, emphasized the necessity of this new architecture in an era where Generative AI is ubiquitous, stating,

We’re moving from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance, with digital AI assistants for everything.

Despite its innovative strides in cybersecurity, Cisco’s stock performance has lagged behind the broader tech sector, with a 5% decline over the past year compared to a 30% increase in the Nasdaq.

However, the launch of HyperShield could mark a turning point, signaling Cisco’s commitment to dominating the AI security market, a move that investors are watching closely.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins was also seemed proud to announce the launch of HyperShield,

Cisco’s HyperShield represents a paradigm shift in how cybersecurity is approached, offering a more dynamic, AI-integrated solution that promises not only to protect but also to predict and preemptively counteract potential security breaches.

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, solutions like HyperShield are crucial in ensuring that cybersecurity measures are robust, agile, and ahead of the threat curve.

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