Deloitte Rolls Out New AI Chatbot for Its Employees to Increase Efficiency

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  • January 16, 2024
Deloitte introduces chatbot for its employees

How is a Simple Chatbot Is Making Big Waves in Business Efficiency?

In a groundbreaking development, Deloitte has rolled out PairD, an AI-powered chatbot, to 75,000 of its staff across Europe and the Middle East. This marks a significant advancement in integrating artificial intelligence into routine workplace tasks.

Developed in-house by Deloitte’s AI Institute, PairD is designed to assist employees in creating PowerPoint presentations, writing emails and code, conducting research, and even generating meeting agendas, helping employees streamline their workflow and enhance overall work productivity within the firm.

However, Deloitte understands that technology is not without its challenges. This is why the company has advised its staff to exercise caution as the bot might generate inaccurate information about people, places, and facts. Employees are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence and quality assurance to ensure the chatbot’s output meets accuracy and completeness standards.

This development comes at a critical time when the professional services industry is facing economic headwinds, prompting a need for cost reductions and efficiency enhancements. Deloitte’s rivals, including other Big Four firms, are also exploring similar AI solutions to stay competitive.

In an effort to close the digital divide, the firm has announced that it will provide free access to PairD for UK disability charity Scope, aiding 800 staff members. This move aligns with Deloitte’s vision of making generative AI accessible and beneficial to all, aiming to bridge the digital divide and promote social equality.

The partnership with Scope aims to harness AI as a force for social good and inclusivity, highlighting the potential of technology to empower diverse groups within society.

Costi Perricos, generative AI lead at Deloitte, said the generation of PairD was “part of [the firm’s] long-term AI investment plans, as we continue to explore the potential that this technology could offer our firm, our clients and wider society.”

He also added: “A key focus for employers should be on how to use these new tools safely, so that they can be applied correctly and create value.”

The integration of PairD, an AI-driven tool, by Deloitte exemplifies a significant shift in the digital strategy of the “Big Four” accounting firms, which also comprise EY, KPMG, and PwC. It reflects the company’s broader investment in AI and analytics, including the launch of the Global Generative AI Market Incubator, emphasizing their commitment to exploring AI’s potential for their firm, clients, and society at large.

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