Elon Musk Foresees AI Surpassing Human Intelligence by Next Year!

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  • April 9, 2024

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently made headlines with his forecast that artificial intelligence (AI) might surpass the intelligence of the smartest human by next year or by 2026 at the latest. During an interview on X spaces, Musk, despite technical interruptions, shared his insights with Nicolai Tangen, CEO of Norway’s wealth fund.

Musk, who also had a hand in founding OpenAI, discussed AI’s current limitations, particularly in terms of electricity supply. He mentioned significant updates to Grok, an AI chatbot from his new venture xAI, indicating the next model is due for training soon.

A focal point of Musk’s discussion was Grok, an AI chatbot from his new enterprise, xAI. Musk revealed plans for the upcoming version of Grok, which is scheduled for training by May.

He elaborated on the hardware demands for this training, noting the necessity of around 20,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs. Musk foresees an escalating need for computational resources, predicting that future Grok versions will require upwards of 100,000 GPUs.

The tech mogul also voiced concerns about the AI industry’s direction, referencing his lawsuit against OpenAI for deviating from its founding principles. Beyond technology, Musk commented on the competitive pressure from Chinese automakers and responded to recent labor issues in Sweden, suggesting they are resolving.

The tech CEO also touched upon the automotive industry, emphasizing the intense competition Tesla faces from Chinese manufacturers. Musk’s observations underscore the broader competitive and collaborative landscape in which AI and automotive technologies intersect.

Additionally, Musk addressed the resolution of a union strike in Sweden against Tesla, hinting at the company’s approach to navigating labor relations and its commitment to addressing stakeholder concerns.

This conversation with Musk not only sheds light on the technical and resource-related challenges in AI development but also reflects on the strategic and ethical dimensions shaping the future of AI.

Musk’s statements spark conversation on the pace of AI development and its implications across industries. As we edge closer to his predicted timeline, the tech community and the world are keenly watching to see if AI’s intelligence will redefine our understanding of smartness.

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