Watch Out, Adobe! Figma’s New AI Tools Are Changing the Game!

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  • June 27, 2024

Figma has introduced a suite of AI-powered tools and a major redesign at its Config 2024 conference, aiming to enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and position itself as a comprehensive product development platform.

This move directly challenges Adobe’s market dominance in design software. The redesign focuses on creating a more ergonomic interface, featuring resizable panels, a new bottom-placed toolbar for quick feature access, and over 200 new icons, catering to novice users and seasoned professionals.

The new artificial intelligence capabilities in Figma promise to revolutionize the design process by automating repetitive tasks and offering intelligent design suggestions.

Notable features include generating mobile and web UI mockups from text prompts, using images or screenshots to find specific designs within team files, and automatically renaming and organizing layers.

Additionally, AI-powered prototyping can transform static mockups into working prototypes without manual intervention. AI is utilized to add realistic text, translate content, adjust tone, create images, and remove backgrounds within the Figma platform.

Dylan Field, Figma co-founder and chief executive said, “In a world where more software is being created and reimagined because of AI, designing and building products is everyone’s business.” He added, “From AI tools that elevate professional designers to developer tools that create stronger connections between design and code, Figma wants to make it possible for teams to go from idea to product—all in one place.”

Figma has also unveiled Figma Slides, which are designed to integrate seamlessly with its design capabilities. This tool allows users to create and deliver interactive presentations directly within Figma, with features like comments, chat, and audio supporting co-creation for a smoother collaborative process.

Figma continues to bridge the gap between design and development with new features in its developer mode.

The “Ready for Dev” view improves design statuses and notifications, while Code Connect surfaces component code from design systems, enhancing consistency and speed in implementation.

Amid recent controversies surrounding Adobe’s AI practices, Figma emphasizes transparency and user control over data. All generative AI features are powered by third-party models, and Figma asserts that no private customer data has been used to train these models.

Users can opt out of sharing their content for AI training, ensuring privacy and ethical considerations are upheld. Figma’s advancements come as Adobe faces scrutiny over its AI policies and practices.

Summary of all the new Figma AI updates:

  • Design creation: Generate mobile and web UI mockups with different styles and layouts using a text prompt.
  • Visual search: Use frames, images, or screenshots to find specific designs within team files or derive inspiration.
  • Name layering: Contextually rename and organize all layers in a file with a single click.
  • AI-powered prototyping: Automatically convert static mockups into working prototypes.
  • Automate tedious tasks: Add realistic text, translate content, adjust tone, create images, remove backgrounds, and more using AI actions.

By introducing these innovative tools and maintaining a user-centric approach, Figma positions itself as a formidable competitor, challenging Adobe’s dominance in the design software market.

Users can look forward to a more powerful, intuitive, and ethical design experience as these features roll out in beta. Figma’s commitment to innovation and user empowerment sets a new standard in the industry, making it a platform to watch closely in the coming years.

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