Assistant Out! Bard In: Google’s AI Game Takes A Major Leap

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  • January 17, 2024

Google, the global technology leader, is gearing up for a major rebranding of its digital assistant to AI. In what is seen as a strategic move to streamline its artificial intelligence (AI) services and enhance user experience, the company is set to change the name of Assistant with Bard to simply Bard.

This major rebranding effort comes ahead of the anticipated 2024 launch of the digital assistant, initially announced during the Pixel 8 event in October.

The decision to rebrand was discovered through an APK teardown of the Google app version 15.2 by 9to5Google. It revealed a shift from the name ‘Assistant with Bard’ to ‘Bard’ in various app components, including the introduction screen and settings menu.

This change is not just a cosmetic alteration but part of Google’s broader strategy to make its digital assistant more accessible and recognizable to users globally.

As the news spread across the internet, people who weren’t fans of Google Assistant began offering tongue-in-cheek suggestions.

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Some proposed that Google should retain the original name Assistant with Bard but launch a campaign that announces the assistant is now AI-enhanced.

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Google’s move to simplify its product naming conventions reflects its ongoing commitment to improving user interactions with AI-driven services. By transitioning to Bard as a standalone digital assistant, Google is potentially reshaping how users interact with AI technology.

While the rebrand to Bard signals a new direction for Google’s digital assistant offerings, it raises questions about the future functionality and features of the service, considering the established reputation of the Google Assistant.

As the tech industry eagerly anticipates the release of Bard, there is much speculation about the impact this rebranding will have on the digital assistant landscape.

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