Google Chrome Just Got Smarter! Introducing 3 New Features Powered By Generative AI

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  • January 24, 2024

In a significant leap forward for digital innovation, Google Chrome is set to roll out three new AI-assisted features, each designed to enhance the efficiency and creativity of its users’ browsing experience.

The update introduces a series of functionalities that are not just user-centric but also reflect Google’s ongoing commitment to integrating advanced technology into everyday digital tools.

The first of these features, “Tab Groups,” is a solution to the all-too-common issue of browser tab clutter. This feature allows Chrome to automatically suggest and create organized groups of tabs based on their content.


Source: Google

This is particularly useful for users who juggle multiple projects simultaneously or plan complex activities like travel involving research on various topics such as hotels and restaurants.

To use this feature, users simply right-click on any open tab and select “Organize Similar Tabs.” The AI then groups similar tabs together and proposes a name and emoji for each group, making it easier to navigate between different tasks.

Next is the AI-powered writing assistant, which aims to enhance the quality of users’ written communication across various online platforms, including emails, social media posts, and online reviews.


Source: Google

To access this feature, users right-click in any text field and choose “Help me write.” The AI assistant then kicks in after a few words are typed, understanding the context and helping to refine and polish the user’s message.

This feature is designed to boost confidence and clarity in digital communication, which is increasingly important in today’s interconnected, artificial intelligence-powered world.

Lastly, the update introduces the ability to create AI-generated browser themes, taking personalization to the next level. This feature draws inspiration from the AI-generated wallpaper trend and allows users to design their browser themes based on chosen moods, colors, or art styles.


Users can access this feature through the “Customize Chrome” panel, where they can select “Change theme” and then “Create with AI” to explore a variety of creative options. This feature adds a personal touch to the browsing experience, making it more enjoyable and tailored to individual preferences.

As soon as the news rolled out people seemed excited that they might now be able to personalize their chrome according to their own preferences.

Some even demand more personalization options from Google.

While the tab organizer and theme generator are expected to be available in the coming days, the writing assistant feature will follow next month. Google has also announced the integration of its new AI model, Gemini, later this year, signaling a continued effort to enhance Chrome with more AI and machine learning features.

These new additions to Chrome not only demonstrate Google’s dedication to innovation but also underline the increasing role of AI in improving productivity and creative expression on digital grounds.

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