Google Launches AI-Powered Health Coach for Fitbit

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  • March 22, 2024

In a groundbreaking announcement at its annual health event, Google has set the tech world abuzz with the reveal of an AI-powered health coach destined for Fitbit devices.

The tech giant’s foray into the intersection of AI and health highlights the transformative potential of artificial intelligence on a global health scale. “AI, where we can see its potential to transform health on a planetary scale,” remarked a spokesperson, shedding light on the ambitious project aimed at enhancing personal health management.

Dubbed as a “personal health” large language model, Google’s innovative approach is built on Gemini, its proprietary large language model rivaling OpenAI’s GPT. The AI health coach, meticulously fine-tuned on a vast array of health signals derived from high-quality research case studies, promises a leap towards personalized wellness.


The director of product at Fitbit, detailed that the upcoming feature is designed to offer “tailored insights based on patterns in sleep schedule, exercise intensity, changes in heart rate variability, and resting heart rate.” However, Thng was quick to clarify, “It’s not going to diagnose or treat any medical condition,” emphasizing the tool’s role as a supplement to, not a substitute for, professional medical advice.


This innovative health coach is slated for a limited release “later this year,” initially available to a select group of Android users for testing. The application of Google’s Gemini LLM signifies a major stride in personalized health and fitness, leveraging AI to understand and interpret complex health data.

Yet, Google has maintained a cautious stance, consistently reinforcing throughout the event that the AI’s function is not to make medical decisions. “It seems clear that in the future AI won’t replace doctors, but doctors who use AI will replace those who don’t,” highlighted DeSalvo, underscoring the augmentative role of AI in the healthcare sector.

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Fitbit Labs – AI Health Coach – UPDATED INFO
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The Fitbit AI health coach is a significant development in digital health, combining AI’s capabilities with widespread wearable technology to promote proactive health and wellness.

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While Google’s initiative promises enhanced personal health insights and fosters an environment of informed health choices, it also serves as a testament to the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and its boundless potential to redefine industries.

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