Get Ready for Smarter Searching: Google’s Generative AI Functions Are Coming

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  • May 17, 2024

Google has announced a comprehensive update to its search capabilities, integrating advanced AI technology to enhance user experience.

The announcement was made by Liz Reid, Google’s Head of Search, at the recent Google I/O developer conference, where she detailed a series of innovative features that aim to fully “AI-ify” the search process.

“What we see with generative AI is that Google can do more of the searching for you,” says Liz Reid, Google’s newly installed head of Search.

“It can take a bunch of the hard work out of searching, so you can focus on the parts you want to do to get things done or on the parts of exploring that you find exciting.”

The introduction of AI Overviews is central to Google’s new offerings, a feature designed to provide users with concise, AI-generated summaries and related resources directly within the search results.

“We’ve heard that users find search more helpful than ever. At this point, we’ve served billions of queries. And what we hear again and again is that people like this combination of insights, mixed with the ability to dive deeper to hear from human perspectives and different authoritative sources,” Reid said about combining AI and traditional website results.

These overviews, powered by Google’s custom Gemini AI Model, aim to deliver a general understanding of user queries with an efficiency that enhances Google’s traditional search functions.

The AI Overviews are set to roll out to hundreds of millions of users in the US this week, with plans for global expansion that will eventually reach over a billion users by the end of the year.


(Source: Google)

In addition to AI Overviews, Google has launched several other AI-driven tools that promise to revolutionize search interactions.

A notable enhancement is a new feature in Google Lens that allows users to conduct video capture searches, broadening how users interact with Google Search.


(Source: Yahoo)

Furthermore, Google introduced an automated planning tool capable of generating detailed trip itineraries or meal plans from a single Query, showcasing the AI’s ability to handle complex, multi-step processes based on user inputs.


(Source: Google)

Google’s efforts also extend to reorganizing the search results page itself. The new AI-powered system is designed to intuitively categorize information, such as suggesting restaurants suitable for either a date night or a business meeting, without explicit Prompts from the user.

This smarter organization aims to streamline the search experience by preemptively addressing user needs.


(Source: Google)

However, not every search will be subjected to this high level of AI involvement. Reid clarified that simpler navigational queries would not benefit from AI enhancement, as the traditional search functions are sufficient for such needs.

The more sophisticated AI features are reserved for complex queries where they can truly enhance the search experience.


(Source: Google)

Reid also addressed potential concerns about the impact of these AI features on web traffic and content visibility.

While acknowledging the challenges, she expressed optimism based on early data, which suggests that the AI enhancements are leading to increased diversity in website traffic and are well-received by users.

According to Reid, the new search methods not only improve the efficiency of finding information but also enrich the quality of results, encouraging deeper engagement with content across the web.

“This is all made possible by a new Gemini model customized for Google Search. It brings together Gemini’s advanced capabilities — including multi-step reasoning, planning, and multimodality — with our best-in-class Search systems,” Reid said.

With this news going online, this is what users around the world has to say!

Many were found asking questions!

Moreover, Google’s approach to integrating AI aims to balance creativity with factuality, ensuring that the information provided is not only engaging but also accurate.

byu/Puginator from discussion

With these innovations, Google is updating its search engine and redefining the very nature of search itself. From a simple keyword input box to an intelligent, anticipative system that understands and adapts to user needs, Google is setting a new standard for what a search engine can do.

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