Get Ready: Google’s Search AI Overviews to Feature Ads Soon

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  • May 29, 2024

Google is set to enhance its search experience by testing ads in AI-generated answers, a feature that was recently introduced at its annual I/O conference. This move aims to extend Google’s dominance in the advertising sector by leveraging the latest advancements in Generative AI technology.

Ads will appear in a ‘sponsored‘ section within AI Overview, tailored to the query’s relevance and information.

This initiative is part of Google’s strategy to integrate AI into its search engine to boost ad sales, which remain a major revenue source for the tech giant. In the first quarter ending March 31, Google reported a 13% increase in advertising sales, totaling $61.7 billion.


As Google prepares to integrate advertisements into its AI-driven search overviews, it’s crucial to acknowledge the imperfections in AI responses. Learn more about some notable missteps by exploring our comprehensive analysis of Google’s worst AI responses, which highlights the need for cautious optimism.

At its Google Marketing Live event in New York, Google introduced several new tools and ad experiences. These include AI-powered recommendations for complex purchase decisions, enhanced brand profiles, and innovative ad formats.

For instance, users searching for a nearby storage facility can now upload photos of their possessions, enabling the engine to recommend the most suitable storage option.


Google is also rolling out new brand profiles in search inspired by Business Profiles found in Google Maps. These profiles are built from information provided by merchants in the Google Merchant Center.


The company is also introducing new image editing tools for retailers, enabling them to experiment with and enhance their ads with AI. Features like 3D spinning ads and virtual try-on for apparel brands will soon be available, providing a more immersive shopping experience.

Google’s Gemini-powered AI Overviews in search are currently being tested in the US and will expand to other countries soon. These overviews are designed to help users with complex searches, providing more diverse and satisfying results.

According to Vidhya Srinivasan, Vice President and General Manager of Ads at Google, users are visiting a broader mix of websites and are more satisfied with the search results.

“All a merchant needs to do is provide a handful of high-quality images of their shoes at different angles, and we’ll use our advanced AI techniques to create a 360-degree view of their footwear,” Google said in a blog post.

Introducing ads in AI Overview is a big step towards monetizing Google’s AI investments. This update aligns with the broader trend of integrating generative AI into digital marketing, as seen with other tech giants like Meta and Microsoft.

Google’s new features aim to improve ad performance and scalability for marketers while enhancing the user experience.

However, Google users around the world don’t seem happy with this new update.


Even in different discussions on Reddit, people shared their sheer disappointment over this new update.

byu/spasticpat from discussion


In addition to the new ad experiences, Google is introducing tools to help advertisers create immersive visuals using generative AI. For example, advertisers can create brief animations from a single still image, enhancing the ad’s performance. All AI-generated assets will be watermarked to indicate their origin.

byu/spasticpat from discussion

Performance Max, Google’s AI-powered ad campaign management platform, will soon allow advertisers to incorporate brand-specific fonts and color schemes when creating ads. This feature aims to help marketers maintain brand consistency across various ad formats.

The introduction of ads in AI Overview marks a huge development in digital advertising. By combining advanced Artificial Intelligence technology with strategic ad placement, Google is revolutionizing the way users interact with search results and how advertisers reach their audiences.

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