Humane Laid Off 4% Of Its Staff Ahead Of The Humane AI Pin Launch

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  • January 16, 2024
Humane Laid Off 4% employees

Tech company Humane, a leader in the wearable technology space, has recently announced the layoff of 10 employees, which is 4% of its workforce. This significant decision, made on January 10, 2024, comes as the company gears up for the launch of its innovative Humane AI Pin, a move that has ignited discussions in the technology sector.

The news of the layoffs, though initially jarring, might be a strategic step by Humane. With an eye on reshaping its operations for the launch of the AI Pin, the company, which has been backed by over $200 million from Silicon Valley bigwigs including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, seems to be tightening its belt and aligning its workforce with its immediate goals.

CEO Bethany Bongiorno clarified in a LinkedIn post that these layoffs are part of a wider organizational refresh, aimed at repositioning the company for an ambitious phase of growth. However the underlying message is clear: this is not just a cost-cutting move, but a recalibration of the company’s structure and strategy as it stands on the brink of launching a potentially market-disrupting product.

The AI Pin, priced at $699, is more than just a gadget; it’s a foray into a new era of personal computing.  this wearable AI assistant promises a seamless experience surpassing that of smartphones and is set to hit the U.S. market in March,. However, details about its release in other markets, such as Canada, remain uncertain.

Screenless and interactive, the Humane AI Pin can be controlled via voice, touch, or gesture. It’s designed to translate languages and even project information like caller names onto a user’s palm using a laser projector. Independent yet capable of pairing with smartphones, the AI Pin is a bold statement in the evolution of wearable tech.

The organizational reshuffles, including the transition of Patrick Gates from CTO to an advisory role, signify Humane’s willingness to evolve and adapt in a highly competitive technology market.

Humane’s workforce reduction prior to the AI Pin launch, though a challenging decision, appears to be a calculated move to streamline the company for a significant market debut.

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