Microsoft AI Introduces Free GPT-4 Trial in Copilot App, Marking A Step Forward in AI Accessibility

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  • January 16, 2024

Recent reports indicate that Microsoft AI is offering a free trial of the GPT-4 model in its Copilot app. This development is significant as it opens up advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, previously available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus at a monthly fee, to a wider audience at no cost. The GPT-4 model, particularly its Turbo version, is known for its enhanced processing power and updated knowledge base.

The GPT-4-Turbo variant incorporated in Copilot reportedly includes a knowledge cutoff up to April 2023 and a 128k context window. This extended memory allows the model to process information equivalent to about 300 pages of text, surpassing the base GPT-4 model’s 32,000-token limit and September 2021 data cutoff. Such an upgrade significantly enhances the model’s ability to analyze and respond to complex queries.

When users observed this options in their updated versions, they took to different social media handles to express their excitement.

gpt turbo in copilot


Reddit users have been taken aback by this update by Microsoft!

free GPT turbo in Microsoft Copilot


Michael Schade from OpenAI has remarked on the Turbo version’s improved proficiency in following intricate instructions, indicating an advancement in its AI processing capabilities. Although there is no official confirmation from Microsoft AI regarding the integration of GPT-4-Turbo in Copilot, various indications and user reports suggest its implementation. This move is consistent with Microsoft AI’s strategy to continually update its AI offerings, ensuring users benefit from the latest advancements in AI technology.

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