Say Hello to Secure Calls: Microsoft’s Azure Operator Call Protection Is Changing the Game

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  • February 26, 2024

At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Microsoft launched a groundbreaking solution named Azure Operator Call Protection, aimed at tackling the ever-persistent problem of scam calls through the use of advanced AI technology.

This service represents a significant advancement in telecommunications security, offering robust protection for users against fraudulent calls. The initiative is particularly timely, as scam calls have evolved from a mere nuisance to a substantial security threat, with studies reporting an average of 14 spam calls per user per month.

Jason Zander, executive vice president of Strategic Missions and Tech at Microsoft, said, “Typically, they try and get you to make a decision quickly, often with a threat of some kind of issue,” Zander said. “That’s when they come back with the hook. There is a set of those things we train the model to look for.”

Microsoft’s service employs real-time artificial intelligence to analyze voice calls for potential scams, alerting users to possible dangers without requiring any downloads or app installations on their devices.


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The technology behind Azure Operator Call Protection leverages generative AI to examine voice patterns and emotional cues commonly used by fraudsters, such as urgency and threats, to coerce quick decisions from their targets.

Designed to evolve in response to changing scammer tactics, this service ensures sustained protection against fraud. Operating directly at the network level, it allows service providers to intercept suspicious calls, thereby adding a robust layer of security for both mobile and landline connections.

Upon detection of a potential scam, subscribers are notified via text message, providing a summary and recommended actions to mitigate risk.

Phone scams have been a global concern for decades, with many people worldwide voicing worries that AI might exacerbate the issue.

byu/AylaDoesntLikeYou from discussion

byu/AylaDoesntLikeYou from discussion

Microsoft’s foray into telecom AI extends beyond scam call protection. With initiatives like Azure Operator Nexus and Azure Programmable Connectivity, Microsoft is setting the stage for a wide range of AI-based services for telecom operators, including Personal Assistant, Language Translation, and Business Assistant functionalities.

These efforts mark the beginning of a broader carrier-branded AI offering, positioning Microsoft as a key player in the telecom AI landscape.

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