Microsoft Pays $650 Million for Inflection AI’s Models and Talent

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  • March 22, 2024

In a deal underscoring the burgeoning value of AI in tech, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O) has committed a staggering $650 million in cash to acquire key assets from Inflection AI.

This acquisition not only grants Microsoft access to the startup’s sophisticated AI models but also enables the tech giant to absorb a majority of Inflection’s personnel, including its illustrious co-founders.

On March 19, they hinted at these major changes through the X account:

The transaction, described by insiders as particularly unique, positions Microsoft to enhance its Azure cloud platform with Inflection’s advanced AI capabilities.

According to sources, the deal’s proceeds will primarily satisfy financial commitments to Inflection’s initial backers, including Greylock and Dragoneer, providing them with a 1.5x return on investment.

Adding a significant feather to Microsoft’s cap, Inflection’s co-founders Mustafa Suleyman and Karen Simonyan, along with the startup’s 70-strong team, have joined Microsoft’s newly minted consumer AI division, Microsoft AI.

Here is what people are saying:

This move signifies Microsoft’s aggressive push to dominate the consumer AI market, leveraging the extensive expertise and innovation of the Inflection team.

Suleyman steps in as the CEO of the new unit, with Simonyan taking on the chief scientist role, heralding a new era of AI-driven solutions for Microsoft’s vast consumer base. The integration of Inflection’s staff, evidenced by updates on professional networks like LinkedIn, points to a strategic consolidation of talent aimed at accelerating Microsoft’s AI ambitions.

The memes are crazy, though:

While Microsoft has opted to withhold comments on the deal, Inflection AI’s silence in the wake of the news leaves the industry abuzz with speculation about the future directions both companies might take.

This monumental partnership was first brought to light by the Information, spotlighting the increasing stakes in the competitive AI industry.

Inflection AI has rapidly ascended to prominence within the generative AI sector, amassing $1.3 billion in funding from tech behemoths Microsoft and Nvidia (NVDA.O) in a deal that valued the startup at $4 billion.

With its proprietary AI models and the successful launch of its chatbot, Pi, Inflection has demonstrated its capacity to lead and innovate within the AI domain.

People do have some queries in mind:

In the wake of this strategic shift, Inflection AI has announced its intent to pivot towards catering to enterprise-level customers, signaling a broadened scope for its AI solutions under Microsoft’s umbrella. However, experts caution that the deal might draw increased regulatory scrutiny towards Microsoft, already under the lens of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for its AI investments.

“This deal could potentially limit competition in the foundational AI model market, rendering Inflection a mere shell of its former glory,” remarked Steven Weber, a UC Berkeley School of Information professor with ties to tech giants like Google and Microsoft.


As Microsoft integrates Inflection AI’s groundbreaking technologies and experts into its ecosystem, the industry watches closely, anticipating the next wave of innovation and competition in the ever-evolving AI space.

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