Microsoft Readies Edge’s Circle to Copilot, Post Google’s Feature Launch.

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  • February 6, 2024

Microsoft is on the brink of introducing a feature to its Edge browser that takes a page from Google’s innovative Circle to Search technology, naming their version Circle to Copilot.

This feature, which gained popularity through its implementation on the latest smartphone models, enables users to circle content on their screens to prompt searches or interactions.

This strategic move by Microsoft signals an important evolution in the browser’s capabilities, blending user convenience with AI-powered functionalities.

Circle to Copilot, currently in the testing phase within the Edge Canary version, is set to transform how users engage with digital content on their desktops. Unlike its mobile counterparts, this desktop-specific feature allows individuals to highlight text or images within the Edge browser.

This action activates Copilot in a sidebar, providing relevant information or actions based on the circled content. This not only mirrors the capabilities of similar mobile features but introduces a unique integration with Microsoft’s AI, offering users a richer, more interactive experience.

Despite its innovative promise, the feature is in the development stage, with feedback from early users highlighting areas for enhancement. The activation process, requiring updates and manual adjustments to settings, indicates ongoing refinements in user interface and functionality.

Critiques have been made regarding its current limitations, such as the inability to effectively search for up-to-date content or perform shopping-related searches, pointing to opportunities for Microsoft to improve the feature’s responsiveness and utility.

Some think it’s easier to take screenshots than circling to search.

The advent of Circle to Copilot reflects a wider industry trend toward leveraging artificial intelligence to enrich user experiences across various platforms. Microsoft’s foray into this space not only aims to match Google’s advancements but also signifies the company’s efforts to position Edge as a more competitive and feature-rich browser.

While the launch date for a stable version of Circle to Copilot remains under wraps, its development highlights Microsoft’s dedication to innovation and desire to redefine user interaction with browsers.

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