Musk Offers to Drop Lawsuit if OpenAI Change The Company Name To ‘ClosedAI’!

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  • March 7, 2024

In an unexpected turn in the tech world, Elon Musk has presented OpenAI with an unconventional proposal: change the company’s name from OpenAI to “ClosedAI,” and in return, he will withdraw his ongoing lawsuit against them.

This offer is not just a legal tactic but a stark critique, reflecting Musk’s dissatisfaction with the company’s shift from its original mission.

Originally co-founded by Musk, OpenAI was envisioned as a champion of open-source AI research. However, Musk contends that the company has strayed from this path, moving towards a profit-oriented approach, which he believes contradicts the organization’s foundational ethos.

Adding to the drama, Musk articulated his stance on the social media platform X, stating, “Change your name to ClosedAI and I will drop the lawsuit.” He didn’t stop there; in subsequent posts, he accused OpenAI of “living a lie,” intensifying the public and ideological confrontation.

Additionally, he modified a photo of Sam Altman wearing a visitor’s ID badge, altering the card’s information to display “ClosedAI” next to the OpenAI logo.

Responding to these accusations, OpenAI has expressed its intention to dismiss all claims made by Musk, adding another layer to this high-profile dispute.

Musk’s suggestion for the name change to “ClosedAI” serves as a symbolic critique of what he perceives as the company’s departure from its commitment to openness in AI development.

It appears that Elon isn’t going to cease his trolling antics anytime soon.

This situation isn’t just a legal battle but a reflection of a broader debate within the tech community about the principles guiding AI development and the tension between open innovation and commercial success.

This unfolding narrative is not just about a name change but touches on fundamental questions about the identity, mission, and future direction of one of the most prominent players in the AI field.

The tech community and observers are keenly watching this dispute, as its resolution could have far-reaching implications for the culture and priorities of AI development.

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