OnePlus Apologizes for Mistakenly Announcing Gemini Ultra Release

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  • April 15, 2024

In what seems to be a recurring theme of missteps, OnePlus has once again had to backtrack on a major announcement. Just hours after proudly declaring a partnership with Google to launch the Gemini 1.0 Ultra on its smartphones, the company has scrambled to correct itself, stating it was all a mistake.

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This blunder closely follows a recent faux pas where OnePlus had to apologize for incorrectly advertising the type of storage in its OnePlus 12R model. Instead of the faster UFS4.0, the device actually contained UFS3.1, leading to significant consumer backlash.

The initial excitement was palpable when OnePlus announced last night, in a joint press release with Google, that its devices would be among the first to feature Google’s most potent AI model, the Gemini 1.0 Ultra. The declaration seemed to position OnePlus ahead of competitors like Samsung, which currently only has access to the Nano and Pro models of this technology.

However, the celebration was short-lived. Today, OnePlus issued a new statement clarifying that the previous announcement was erroneous. The revised statement omits any specific model names, merely stating that “Gemini Models” are in the pipeline without confirming whether the Ultra, Pro, or Nano versions are included.

The ambiguity of the new statement left more questions than answers. Efforts to clarify which models would eventually make their way to OnePlus devices were met with silence from the company’s representatives.

OnePlus clarified in an emailed statement.

We would like to issue a correction regarding our recent press release about the collaboration between Google and OnePlus. The press release mistakenly mentioned the debut of the ‘Gemini Ultra Large Model’ on smartphones. The correct information is that Google and OnePlus have teamed up to introduce the ‘Gemini Models’ on smartphones, which promise to bring revolutionary AI experiences to mobile devices.

This sequence of miscommunications casts doubt on OnePlus’s reliability in delivering on its promises and maintaining clear communication with its stakeholders and consumers. With such repeated errors, the company risks eroding trust and patience among its users and partners. Today’s mistake particularly stings as it places OnePlus in an awkward spot, having claimed a significant technological leap ahead of competitors only to retract it hours later.

As the situation stands, whether or not the Gemini 1.0 Ultra will come to OnePlus devices remains uncertain. For now, OnePlus fans and tech enthusiasts will have to wait and see if the company can recover from this error and finally deliver on its promises of next-generation AI technology on its smartphones.

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