Open AI Is Partnering With a Small Group of US Builders To Test Usage-Based GPT Earnings

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  • March 28, 2024

In a move that signals an innovative shift in the way artificial intelligence technologies are monetized, OpenAI has announced a partnership with a select group of builders in the United States to explore usage-based earnings for GPT products. This initiative aims to establish a vibrant ecosystem where the creativity and contributions of developers are financially recognized.

Here is what Open AI team said through official X account:

We’re partnering with a small group of US builders to test usage-based GPT earnings. Our goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem where builders are rewarded for their creativity and impact and we look forward to collaborating with builders on the best approach to get there.



This experimental phase will likely serve as a cornerstone for future business models surrounding AI technologies, particularly those based on generative pre-trained transformers (GPT). The focus on a usage-based earnings model is a clear nod towards valuing the application and effectiveness of AI tools in practical scenarios, beyond mere access or subscription models.

Here is what people are saying:

OpenAI’s initiative not only highlights the company’s commitment to fostering innovation in the tech industry but also acknowledges the significant role that independent developers and small tech companies play in pushing the boundaries of AI applications. By aligning financial incentives with the actual use and impact of AI technologies, OpenAI is set to encourage a more dynamic and creative tech ecosystem.

People do have some suggestions, though:

As the partnership unfolds, the tech community eagerly anticipates the outcomes of this innovative approach to GPT earnings. This model, if successful, could redefine how creators and developers engage with and benefit from AI technologies, marking a significant milestone in the commercialization of artificial intelligence.

Some people seemed to be excited about this new development:

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