What’s Brewing at OpenAI? Sam Altman Teases Magical Reveal on Monday

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  • May 13, 2024

OpenAI is gearing up for a significant event on May 13, where it will unveil the latest updates to ChatGPT and its GPT-4 model.

Scheduled for 10 AM PT, this event will be streamed live from OpenAI’s official website, offering the public a first look at the advancements they’ve been developing, which CEO Sam Altman promises will “feel like magic.”

In his recent post on the social media platform X, Altman clarified that the updates will not include the anticipated GPT-5 or a new AI-powered search engine, contrary to what some reports had suggested.

Reports from Bloomberg last week hinted that OpenAI has been working on a feature that enables ChatGPT to search the web and accurately cite sources. However, it seems this feature may be part of broader updates rather than a standalone product.

As this news broke online, users around the world started sharing their opinions and views. Some seemed to be asking Altman to meet the expectations they have with this new release.

The Verge, citing The Information, reports that the new enhancements will likely include a Multimodal AI model that can process information from multiple sources like images, videos, and text.

Some were found requesting OpenAI to make ChatGPT open-source again.

This model is designed to significantly improve how AI interprets visual and auditory data, which could transform customer service bots by allowing them to understand nuances such as the tone or sarcasm in a caller’s voice.

Many were found making intelligent guesses!

Additionally, the new model could bring about capabilities such as solving complex mathematical problems and translating text from real-world signs, enhancing the AI’s utility in everyday applications.

byu/ShreckAndDonkey123 from discussion

Another exciting potential update could be the integration of a phone call feature in the ChatGPT smartphone app, hinted at by recent findings that suggest OpenAI has been setting up servers for real-time audio and video communications.

byu/ShreckAndDonkey123 from discussion

While the updates do not represent a jump to GPT-5, they mark a significant enhancement to the GPT-4 model, possibly akin to an upgrade to GPT-4 Turbo, extending its capabilities far beyond current functionalities.

This event promises to showcase cutting-edge AI technology and set the stage for the next evolution of AI integration into practical applications, reinforcing OpenAI’s commitment to developing technologies that can profoundly impact society and everyday life.

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