OpenAI’s ChatGPT Spring Update – Mira Murati Live Announcements And Much More!

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  • May 17, 2024

The much-anticipated OpenAI event has just concluded, having started promptly at 10 AM PT today. Streamed live from OpenAI’s official platform, the event showcased the latest updates to the celebrated GPT-4 model.

The event was led by the Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI, Mira Murati, accompanied by Head of Frontiers Research at OpenAI, Mark Chen and Head of Post-Training at OpenAI, Barret Zoph.


The business has introduced the Desktop App and Web UI update, ChatGPT 4o, ChatGPT 4o free access, and live research demo

Event’s Key Takeaways

    • Combines text, vision, and audio capabilities into one seamless desktop app for real-time processing.
    • Equips users with sophisticated features across multiple modalities at no initial cost, democratizing access to advanced AI.
    • Features a refreshed UI that prioritizes productivity and collaboration, streamlining workflow for users.
    • Launches new tailored functionalities in the GPT Store, including enhanced memory and data analysis tools.
    • Enables direct browsing within the AI environment, offering users a more integrated experience.
    • Provides Plus users with enhanced capabilities, higher limits, and early access to new features like the macOS desktop app.
    • Improves speed and quality across 50 languages, broadening the model’s global usability.
    • Extends GPT-4o’s features to third-party applications through API integration, broadening its application.
    • Incorporates advanced vision capabilities for live educational support, such as real-time math problem-solving and coding assistance.
    • Introduces the ability to analyze users’ emotions through visual inputs, adding a layer of emotional intelligence to interactions.
    • The rollout of GPT-4o is set to be phased, with priority given to paid subscribers, but eventually becoming accessible to all users, including those using the free version of ChatGPT.

All these features of OpenAI will roll out for free users in the coming few weeks.

ChatGPT 4o

The event commenced with the exciting launch of the new ChatGPT 4o, OpenAI’s latest flagship model that introduces enhanced capabilities across text, vision, and audio, all packaged in a user-friendly desktop app.

The phased rollout of GPT-4o will initially prioritize paid subscribers, ensuring they receive first access to the new features. However, OpenAI plans to extend availability to all users over time, including those on the free version of ChatGPT.

This approach not only manages server loads effectively but also ensures that every user eventually benefits from the enhanced capabilities of GPT-4o, democratizing access to cutting-edge AI technology.


Desktop App for ChatGPT:

In a move to enhance user experience and accessibility, OpenAI will introduce a dedicated desktop application for ChatGPT. This new application aims to simplify how users interact with AI, offering an easy-to-use interface that supports seamless communication and interaction.


Advanced AI Tools for Everyone:

GPT-4o will come equipped with advanced AI capabilities across text, vision, and audio, ensuring a versatile and powerful toolset that caters to a wide range of applications.

Refreshed UI with a Focus on Collaboration:

Alongside technical advancements, the GPT-40 model introduces a refreshed user interface focused on enhancing productivity and collaboration.

This new UI layout is engineered to facilitate a smoother workflow, allowing users to collaborate in real-time and achieve their goals with greater efficiency.

Tailored Functionalities in the GPT Store

Enhancing its offerings, OpenAI introduces a groundbreaking range of GPTs in its GPT store.

These specialized models provide users with tailored functionalities, ranging from memory features that can hold pictures and screenshots to advanced data analysis tools.

With these GPTs, users can input data and receive actionable insights, streamlining decision-making processes and enhancing productivity.


Interactive Browsing Capabilities

The GPT-4o model also brings a more interactive experience, enabling browsing capabilities directly within the AI environment. This feature promises a seamless integration of data exploration and utilization, providing a richer, more connected user experience.

Exclusive Benefits for Plus Users

Plus, users will enjoy up to 5x higher limits and earliest access to features such as our new macOS desktop app and next-generation voice and video capabilities. Moreover,

However, people have question for OpenAI asking this option will come for Windows.

Multilingual Quality and Speed Improvements

Significantly, OpenAI has improved the quality and speed of its offerings across 50 different languages, ensuring a more inclusive and efficient global user experience.

API Integration for Developers

Furthermore, these enhancements are not limited to the ChatGPT user interface but are also integrated into the API.

Some users were found asking GPT-4o training source?

This integration allows developers to incorporate these advanced capabilities into their own applications, extending the reach and impact of GPT-40’s powerful features.

Advancements in Voice Interaction

During the launch event, a live demonstration showcased the capabilities of the new ChatGPT voice prompt feature.

This feature marks a major advancement in the AI’s ability to communicate, offering real-time responses and the ability to generate responses in various voices.

The live demo highlighted the model’s versatility by presenting responses in distinctly different tones, such as a robotic voice and a more emotive, love-inspired voice.

With this event going live, people started sharing their views and perspectives on this highly anticipated show.

Real-Time Math Problem Solving

GPT-4o can process images of handwritten or printed math equations through a live video feed, making it an excellent tool for students, educators, and professionals who frequently deal with complex mathematical problems.

This functionality extends beyond mere text recognition; the AI is designed to understand and analyze the mathematical expressions it encounters, offering step-by-step solutions and explanations.

Live Video Interaction for Educational Support


With the integration of advanced vision capabilities, GPT-4o can view and interact with live video streams.

This allows users to point their device’s camera at a math problem, whether it’s on a whiteboard during a lecture or in a textbook during a study session, and receive real-time assistance.

The AI processes the visual information, solves the equation, and provides a detailed breakdown of the solution process, making it a dynamic tool for learning and teaching mathematics.

Visual Assistance with Live Coding Demonstrations

GPT-4o also features visual assistance for coding, which was highlighted in a live demo focusing on temperature monitoring applications.

The AI visually guided users through setting up and coding a system to track temperature changes.

This demo not only showcased how to write the necessary code but also explained each step and its purpose, enhancing understanding and retention for users watching the demonstration.

Multilingual Capabilities in ChatGPT

Expanding its accessibility, GPT-4o demonstrated its enhanced capabilities in multiple languages during the launch event.

Some even added a video of the funny live drama.

This feature allows ChatGPT to understand and respond in over 50 languages, providing accurate translations and maintaining context across conversations.

Emotional Intelligence Features

A groundbreaking feature introduced with GPT-4o is its emotional intelligence capability, which can analyze images of a user to discern their mood.

During the presentation, the AI demonstrated how it could evaluate a person’s emotional state just by processing their image.

This capability opens new avenues for applications in mental health, customer service, and personalized interactions, where understanding emotional cues can significantly enhance the engagement and effectiveness of solutions provided by AI.

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