Say Goodbye to Video Calls: Otter’s AI Avatars Are Getting Ready To Takeover Meetings in 2024!

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  • February 19, 2024

In a groundbreaking announcement that promises to redefine the landscape of workplace efficiency, Sam Liang, CEO of Otter, a company renowned for its innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-powered transcription software, has unveiled plans to introduce AI-powered avatars capable of attending work meetings by the end of this year.

These avatars, designed to replicate the actions, speech, and problem-solving abilities of individual employees, are poised to revolutionize how meetings are conducted, offering a novel solution to enhance productivity and save valuable time for employees.

“A prototype can be made working later this year,” Liang shared with Business Insider, expressing confidence in the project’s progress.

The initiative is driven by a desire to leverage AI to facilitate a more efficient workplace where employees can focus on more strategic and creative tasks by delegating their presence in meetings to AI counterparts.

As the news spread across the internet, individuals worldwide turned to their social media accounts to express their opinions. Many displayed frustration over the prospect of AI avatars replacing human employees.

In trials, these avatars have demonstrated an impressive capability, answering up to 90% of the questions asked to them. For the questions they couldn’t address, they sought assistance from their human counterparts, showing a remarkable ability to learn and adapt.

Some think that AI avatars will change the job roles of employees around the world.

Developing these AI avatars involves intricate training on the recorded meeting notes and voice data of specific individuals, enabling them to mimic human behavior and conversation styles accurately.

However, the challenge of integrating emotional intelligence into these avatars remains significant, underscoring the need for them to effectively engage in meetings by adjusting their tone and demeanor as required.

Months ahead of the AI avatars’ debut, the concept already unnerves many.

The introduction of AI avatars in the workplace marks a significant milestone in the ongoing integration of AI into business operations worldwide.

While the benefits of such advancements are manifold, including the potential for increased profitability and efficiency, they also bring to the forefront ethical and practical considerations such as privacy, data security, and the impact on human interaction within professional settings.

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