Perplexity AI Under Investigation by Amazon for Website Scraping!

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  • July 1, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon is investigating AI startup Perplexity for allegedly violating AWS rules by scraping content without permission.
  • Perplexity has faced allegations from Forbes and Wired for content scraping and inadequate attribution.
  • Perplexity denies wrongdoing, claiming compliance with robots.txt and AWS terms of service.
  • This case highlights broader ethical and regulatory challenges in the AI industry regarding content scraping and copyright.

Amazon is investigating buzzy AI startup Perplexity for allegedly violating its Cloud division’s rules by improperly “scraping” content from other websites without permission, according to the reports.

Perplexity, which recently drew a $3 billion valuation, is allegedly ignoring a well-known web standard called the Robots Exclusion Protocol, commonly referred to as robots.txt, which news publishers and other sites use to show automated bots that pages they aren’t allowed to scrape, tech outlet Wired reported.

Here’s what people worldwide have to say about this controversy!

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