Samsung Revolutionizes Mobile AI – The Galaxy S24 Shines with Google Tech

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  • January 18, 2024

After exploring and acting in different domains, AI has now stepped into the smartphone market. Samsung has unveiled its latest Galaxy S24 series, setting a new standard for technological innovation.

The developments stem from a strategic alliance between Samsung and Google Cloud. This collaboration has seamlessly integrated Google Cloud’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the Galaxy S24 series, marking a milestone in Samsung’s commitment to pioneering the future of mobile technology.

Launched in January 2024, the Galaxy S24 series, including the S24 Ultra, S24+, and S24, embodies Samsung’s vision of blending cutting-edge technology with everyday functionality. This series is the first to harness Google Cloud’s Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on Vertex AI, bringing unparalleled AI capabilities directly to the hands of users.

Here are some of the amazing features touted by the S24 series.

Live Translate and Interpreter

The s24 series introduces an advanced live translate feature, facilitating real-time voice and text translations directly within the phone’s native applications. This feature supports two-way communication in multiple languages, revolutionizing how users interact across global boundaries.

Chat Assist

Integrated into the Samsung Keyboard, Chat Assist uses AI for real-time translation in 13 languages. This feature simplifies communication across different chat applications while maintaining privacy. Additionally, it includes a Writing Style tool for text re-composition, adaptable to various communication styles and platforms.

Note Assist

Enhancing Samsung Notes, this feature leverages AI to generate summaries, streamlining note organization. It introduces automated template and cover creation for notes, aiding in quick identification and accessibility, a testament to the practical application of AI in daily tasks.

Generative Edit and Edit Suggestions

This AI-powered photo editing tool in the Gallery app allows users to modify photos by adjusting, resizing, or removing objects, with AI intuitively filling in the gaps. The AI also suggests photo edits, like removing reflections, offering a new level of creative control in photography.

Circle to Search

Developed in collaboration with Google, this feature enables on-screen searches by simply circling, highlighting, or tapping items. It provides immediate access to search results, enhancing the efficiency of obtaining information without leaving the current application.

ProVisual Engine

The ProVisual Engine in the Galaxy S24 series enhances image-capturing capabilities. It includes a Quad Tele System with optical zoom lenses and advanced AI-powered editing tools, featuring Super HDR, Edit Suggestion, and Generative Edit, raising the bar for smartphone photography.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, with its suite of AI-driven features, is not just a technological advancement but a redefinition of the smartphone experience. It demonstrates the power of collaboration between giants like Samsung and Google Cloud, creating a synergy that propels the entire industry forward.

The series is a testament to Samsung’s vision of providing users with tools that are not only technologically advanced but also intuitively align with their lifestyles.

As the news of this launch broke, individuals turned to social media, voicing diverse sentiments about the recent launch.

Some seemed excited to use AI in their everyday routines.

byu/McSnoo from discussion

However, some appeared underwhelmed, believing that AI has merely turned into a trendy buzzword and gimmick for manufacturers.

byu/purplemountain01 from discussion


byu/purplemountain01 from discussion

The S24 series not only showcases Samsung’s prowess in smartphone engineering but also highlights the transformative potential of integrating AI into our daily digital experiences.

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