ShadowNode VPN Partners with Zkhive to Revolutionize Blockchain Security

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  • April 4, 2024

In a move that marks a significant leap forward for blockchain security, ShadowNode VPN has officially announced its partnership with Zkhive, a leading AI security and privacy firm known for its impressive track record in the $TAO ecosystem.

The collaboration was unveiled through an enthusiastic announcement on ShadowNode’s official Twitter account, emphasizing the groundbreaking potential of this partnership to reshape the landscape of blockchain security and privacy.

ShadowNode VPN, a well-established name in providing secure and private network solutions, has taken a bold step by joining forces with Zkhive. The latter is celebrated for its AI-driven security solutions, boasting over 100,000 scans and a vast user base actively engaging with its technology.

This partnership is not merely an upgrade but a significant stride toward setting new industry benchmarks for safety and privacy in the blockchain domain.

Here is what people are saying:

The integration of Zkhive’s advanced AI security technologies with ShadowNode’s network promises to enhance overall network safety, secure transactions, and fortify user privacy like never before.

By leveraging Zkhive’s expertise, ShadowNode is poised to introduce unprecedented security standards in the blockchain space.


“Expect our network to be safer, our transactions more secure, and our commitment to your privacy stronger than ever,” stated ShadowNode in their announcement. This partnership signifies more than progress; it represents a revolution in integrating security measures into blockchain technology.

The collaboration between ShadowNode VPN and Zkhive is a testament to the evolving landscape of blockchain security, where AI-driven solutions are becoming integral to advancing safety and privacy measures.

Most of the reviews on the internet are positive:

As these two giants unite, the blockchain community eagerly anticipates the innovative solutions that will emerge from this partnership, promising a safer and more secure future for blockchain technology.

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