SK Hynix Invests $3.8B for AI Chip Plant in Indiana

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  • April 4, 2024
SK-Hynix Invests- $3.8B-for-AI Chip- Plant-in-Indiana

SK Hynix, the global giant in memory chip production, declared its plan to inject approximately $3.87 billion into the development of a state-of-the-art packaging and research facility in Indiana, United States. This ambitious project underscores the company’s commitment to advancing AI technology and enhancing the semiconductor supply chain on American soil.

The new facility, strategically positioned in West Lafayette, Indiana, is designed to focus on the mass production of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) chips. These components are essential for the efficient functioning of graphic processing units, which are at the heart of AI system training processes.

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Nvidia, a leading name in the AI and graphics processing field, is noted as a key consumer of these advanced chips, highlighting the critical role SK Hynix plays in the ecosystem.

In addition to HBM chips, the facility will produce Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) chips, another crucial element for AI technologies like ChatGPT. SK Hynix plans to kick off mass production in the second half of 2028, reflecting a forward-looking approach to meet the increasing demand for high-performance computing across the globe.

CEO Kwak Noh-Jung expressed that the establishment of this plant is a strategic move to strengthen the AI chip supply chain within the United States and to push the boundaries of semiconductor technology worldwide.

He highlighted the selection of Indiana for its rich engineering talent pool, notably from Purdue University, its established infrastructure conducive to chip manufacturing, and robust support from state and local governments.

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This venture is part of SK Hynix’s broader commitment to the semiconductor sector, following a $15 billion investment pledge in 2022 aimed at various initiatives, including advanced packaging and testing facilities in the U.S. The company’s recent commencement of mass production of HBM3E chips, an upgrade to the previous version supplied to Nvidia, reinforces its pivotal position in the artificial intelligence chip market.

SK Hynix’s investment in Indiana represents a key milestone in its global strategy, complemented by its ongoing domestic projects, such as the Yongin Semiconductor Cluster in Korea. With plans to break ground on the first fabrication plant in March 2025, SK Hynix is set to further cement its technological leadership and global presence in the semiconductor industry.

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