TIME and OpenAI Forge Multi-Year Content Partnership!

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  • June 28, 2024

Time has struck a multiyear content licensing deal and strategic partnership with OpenAI. This deal with the Microsoft-backed parent of ChatGPT is part of a broader effort by Time to expand access to its content to younger and more diverse audiences globally.

The company removed its digital paywall last year, citing that same reason. The deal gives OpenAI access to Time’s archives from the last 101 years to train its large language models and use them for responses to user queries in its consumer-facing products, such as ChatGPT, according to a statement.

It also gives the AI giant access to Time’s real-time content to help answer user queries. Under the agreement, OpenAI will cite Time in its responses to user queries and will link back to the original content source on Time.com.

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The deal also gives Time access to OpenAI’s tech and tools to develop new products for its audience. Time said it will share feedback and practical applications to help bolster the use and delivery of journalism in OpenAI’s products and in future AI-driven news experiences.

Time stated in its press release: “The partnership will also enable TIME to gain access to OpenAI’s technology to develop new products for its audiences, along with the opportunity to provide vital feedback and share practical applications to refine and enhance the delivery of journalism in ChatGPT and other OpenAI products and shape the future of news experiences.”

Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but previous deals that OpenAI has struck have been structured to include compensation for publishers.

Time chief operating officer Mark Howard said in the statement that the partnership “advances our mission to expand access to trusted information globally.”

OpenAI chief operating officer Brad Lightcap said the partnership supports “reputable journalism by providing proper attribution to original sources.”

Additionally, OpenAI has partnered with several prominent media houses to enhance its AI models and provide high-quality content to users.

These partnerships include Le Monde and Prisa Media, which bring French and Spanish news content to ChatGPT, as well as Vox Media, The Atlantic, and News Corp, which provide a wealth of journalistic content for training and user engagement.

OpenAI has also collaborated with Axel Springer, Financial Times, and Associated Press, among others, to support the dissemination of accurate and balanced news stories.

Some notable publishers have so far refused to bend the knee to OpenAI. The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and New York Daily News have sued the company and its partner Microsoft for copyright infringement, alleging that they trained AI chatbots on those publications’ work without permission.

OpenAI disputed the Times’ allegations in a legal filing earlier this year, and the suit is still pending.

The magazine, which is now published biweekly after being hit hard by the impact of the internet on print advertising, says it will have access to OpenAI’s tech to “develop new products for its audiences.”

This collaboration with Time is seen as part of OpenAI’s broader strategy to legally access vast reservoirs of journalistic content to improve its AI products while offering publishers new revenue opportunities in the challenging digital media.

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