Top AI Experts Leaving Google? “Holistic” Venture Gains $200 Million in Funding

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  • January 22, 2024

The AI industry is currently experiencing a dynamic mix of advancements, challenges, and organizational changes. Amid these varying trends and workforce adjustments, a new development has emerged from Google AI, capturing the industry’s attention.

Two scientists from Google’s DeepMind, Laurent Sifre and Karl Tuyls, are reportedly on the cusp of leaving Alphabet Inc.’s artificial intelligence division. Their bold plan is to launch a new AI venture named ‘Holistic’ in Paris, indicating a significant shift in the landscape of AI development.

Sifre and Tuyls, renowned for their groundbreaking work in AI, have made waves by entering discussions with potential investors to secure funding surpassing $200 million. Amidst significant layoffs and cost-cutting measures at Google, these developments suggest a strategic pivot towards independent ventures in AI.

Upon hearing this news, there’s a growing curiosity about the creative ideas these scientists will bring to life, particularly outside the renowned umbrella of Google.

While some said it’s pretty normal things and AI staff move frequently.

Laurent Sifre gained prominence as a co-author of DeepMind’s seminal 2016 research on the Go game, which showcased a computer system defeating human champions for the first time. This achievement sparked a global frenzy over AI capabilities.

Karl Tuyls, on the other hand, has extensively worked on game theory and multi-agent reinforcement learning, a critical area in AI exploring autonomous actor interactions.

While the establishment of Holistic by Sifre and Tuyls represents an exciting new chapter in AI innovation, their departure poses significant challenges for Google. As pioneers in their field, their exit could lead to a brain drain at Google DeepMind, potentially slowing down ongoing projects and research initiatives.

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