UK Parliament Committee Warns: AI Developers Could End Artists’ Careers

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  • May 7, 2024

A diverse group of UK lawmakers has rallied behind a new legislative report that aims to protect music creators from AI-driven threats such as deepfakes and copyright infringements. This report, championed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music, underscores a pivotal moment in the intersection of technology and creative rights.

Debates over Artificial Intelligence deepfakes and copyright issues have been ongoing, with increasing public concern expressed over time.

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The initiative, titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Music Industry – Master or Servant?” emerges as a response to mounting public anxiety over AI’s potential to mimic and replace human creativity.

According to a recent poll by Whitestone Insight, a staggering 83% of UK adults express a need for action against unauthorized deepfakes of renowned artists like Taylor Swift and Drake. Additionally, 80% believe that AI should not train on an artist’s work without explicit consent, and 77% equate such actions to theft.

“We must… confront the danger that unfettered developments in AI could pose to the UK’s musicians and music businesses,” Labour MP Kevin Brennan wrote in the report’s preamble.

“We ignore the necessity to sow policies, which will harvest the benefits of AI and help stave off the threats it poses, at our peril. Our central insight must always be that AI can be a great servant but would be a terrible master.”

Per the Financial Times, individuals briefed on the matter said new UK AI legislation could mandate that companies “developing the most sophisticated models” share information with the government.

UK Music Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl said in a statement, “We need the government to act now before AI tech companies destroy our world-beating industry.”

“The polling UK Music has commissioned reveals the overwhelming view of the public that AI firms that take music without permission and payment to creators are guilty of theft. The public also voiced their concerns about the alarming growth of explicit deepfake images of music stars like Dua Lipa and the need for urgent action in this area.”

In response to the report’s findings, the UK Musicians’ Union (MU) expressed appreciation to the parliamentary group for addressing the influence of AI on the music industry.

The report outlines several key recommendations aimed at reining in the unchecked use of AI:

  • Enforcing transparent labeling of AI-generated content to ensure consumer awareness.
  • Mandating AI developers to secure permission from copyright holders before using their materials for training purposes.
  • Establishing a ‘personality right’ that would protect individuals’ voices, images, names, and likenesses from being exploited through AI deepfakes.

These proposed measures align with actions already underway in other jurisdictions. The European Union’s AI Act and the United States’ ongoing legislative efforts, including the debated No AI FRAUD Act, reflect a growing international consensus on the need for stringent AI regulations.

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music’s report is a clarion call for balanced, fair, and human-centric AI practices that safeguard the artistic community.

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