WhatsApp’s New ‘Imagine Me’ Feature to Create AI Avatars of Users!

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  • July 4, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • WhatsApp is developing an AI image generator called “Imagine Me,” allowing users to create personalized images and stickers.
  • Users need to upload selfies for the AI to generate images in various imaginative environments.
  • The feature is currently available in beta and is rolling out gradually in regions like the US and India.
  • Meta AI’s integration within WhatsApp marks a significant step towards enhancing user engagement through innovative AI technology.

Meta is building an AI image generator within WhatsApp. Unlike regular AI image generators, WhatsApp will offer to create personalized images that resemble your likeness.

To use this feature, you will have to upload photos of yourself to Meta AI for analysis. WhatsApp is enlisting AI to help you overcome the dilemma of picking a new profile picture or showing yourself off in unique locations.

WABetaInfo has spotted a new under-development feature in the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android ( that will offer to create AI-generated photos of yourself.

Feature Overview:

Although unavailable, a leaked screenshot of the feature indicates that you’ll be asked to upload a handful of reference selfies when you first opt into the feature.


The Meta AI chatbot will then create new images that “imagine” yourself in different environments “like a forest or outer space.” It all sounds like a personalized AI image generator built right into WhatsApp.

We can’t imagine many use cases for this feature except for using the generated images as stickers within WhatsApp chats.

Meta AI within WhatsApp recently began rolling out in select regions, including the US and India. Besides the typical one-on-one chat, you can also use the chatbot in WhatsApp group chats.

However, this AI-generated photo feature may not arrive anytime soon. The chatbot’s rollout is still ongoing, even within supported regions.

To know if you have access, look for a new blue icon on the main chat list screen. The company has also experimented with revamping the top search bar to suggest AI chat prompts.

WABetaInfo also recently spotted a new screen that would allow users to switch between different language model sizes. Meta’s Llama 3-405B language model is larger and significantly more capable than Llama 3-70B, which powers the current iteration of Meta AI.

Interestingly, the screenshot hints at a weekly cap for Llama 3-405B. We’ve seen competitors like ChatGPT and Claude use the same tactic — you only get a limited number of GPT-4o responses on the free tier.

While it’s unclear if Meta plans to monetize its chatbot, AI-generated photos could be one of the company’s first attempts at building a loyal user base.

The “Imagine Me” feature also includes a privacy aspect, as Meta AI won’t read your conversations in chats. The generated images are shared in the conversation automatically, and users can opt out anytime and delete their AI-generated images through Meta AI settings.

This integration marks a huge enhancement to WhatsApp, blending AI technology seamlessly into daily communication for a more personalized and engaging user experience.

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