WWDC 2024: Apple to Spotlight Basic AI Innovations and OpenAI Partnership

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  • May 27, 2024

Apple is set to unveil its AI advancements at WWDC 2024 on June 10, with the forthcoming iOS 18 expected to be the most ambitious update in the company’s history.

According to Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple’s announcements will likely include practical AI applications such as transcribing voice memos and auto-generating emojis.

This is what people and Apple users around the world have to say about this announcement.

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Additionally, Apple is rumored to announce a partnership with OpenAI, integrating ChatGPT more deeply into its operating systems. Apple has finalized an agreement with OpenAI to provide chatbot functionality in iOS 18.

Negotiations are also ongoing with Google to use its Gemini AI as an additional option, reflecting Apple’s cautious approach to not rely solely on one AI provider. Talks with Anthropic are reportedly in progress, too.

Bloomberg revealed that Apple will focus on releasing a set of AI tools that will improve core apps like Safari, Notes, and Photos. It also reported Apple’s new strategy called Project Greymatter, which will handle all the AI-related features of the company.

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The AI features will be divided into two: some will be handled locally on the device, while others will require Apple’s cloud infrastructure processing.

The on-device features are compatible with the latest iPhone, iPad, and Mac chips, while cloud-linked features will be powered by M2 Ultra chips from data centers.

A significant feature expected at WWDC is a “smart recap” tool that will summarize missed texts, notifications, and various media such as web pages, news articles, and documents. This aims to manage the often overwhelming iOS notifications.

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The Voice Memo app is also anticipated to receive AI-generated transcription capabilities, extending current features like voicemail transcripts and system-wide captions.

Apple plans to improve other features with Artificial Intelligence (AI), including on-device Spotlight search, Safari Internet searches, and writing suggestions for emails and texts.

Additionally, AI may be used to retouch photos and generate emojis based on text content.

Siri is expected to receive enhancements, including a more natural-sounding voice and improved functionality on the Apple Watch.

Beyond AI developments, Apple may introduce an iOS 18 feature allowing users to change app icon colors more easily and rearrange app icons freely on the home screen.

As the company races to catch up with Google and Microsoft, all eyes will be on Apple to see how it balances security and privacy, parameters that are intrinsic to its devices and software.

Siri is also getting its much-requested upgrade, with Apple developing a more natural and accurate interaction with the personal assistant.

Apple is also bringing generative AI emojis that will allow users to create custom emojis based on text content.

This feature extends beyond the existing options on iPhones and other devices. Xcode Developer tools are also anticipated to be enhanced with these AI capabilities.

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The WWDC 2024 will be from June 10 to June 14. As anticipation builds for WWDC 2024, Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the official unveiling of iOS 18 and its AI-powered features.

With potential partnerships with both OpenAI and Google, Apple is positioning itself at the forefront of the AI revolution, ready to transform the way users interact with their devices.

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