introduces Claude 3 to its AI Model Selector

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  • March 20, 2024
    Updated Claude-3-to-its-AI- Model-Selector

In a groundbreaking update, announced the addition of Claude 3 to its AI Model Selector, marking a significant enhancement in the platform’s functionality and service offerings.

This integration is part of’s ongoing commitment to providing users with an all-encompassing suite of AI tools, ensuring that every need, from research to content creation, is met efficiently within one unified platform., distinguishing itself from competitors like Perplexity, offers a tailored user experience with various modes designed to cater to specific needs. This feature is conveniently accessible right from the homepage, showcasing’s dedication to user-centric innovation.

Unlike other platforms, and Perplexity provide high accuracy levels thanks to their ability to access live web and news data. However, takes the lead with its exclusive Research Mode, which delivers precise answers, thereby setting a new standard in search and research capabilities.

Further elevating its suite of tools, introduces the ability to generate images through its Create Mode, opening up new avenues for creativity and content production.

People are loving the new feature:

Additionally, the platform’s Writing and Smart Modes have become hot topics among users, highlighting’s versatility and its role as a pivotal resource for developers, content creators, and researchers alike.

However, people do have some questions:

The inclusion of Claude 3 into’s AI Model Selector is more than just an expansion of tools; it represents the platform’s vision to serve as a one-stop AI hub.


“We will continue to add new models so that you have access to all the AI tools you need in one place,” stated a spokesperson from

This forward-thinking approach not only enhances user experience but also solidifies’s position as a leader in the integration of AI technology.

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