Alli AI Review 2024: AI-Driven SEO Revolution

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying ahead of SEO trends is crucial for any website. This is where Alli AI steps into the picture. It’s a tool designed to make SEO simpler and more effective for its users.

With features aimed at optimizing your website’s presence on search engines, it promises to streamline your SEO efforts. In my Alli AI review, I will explore its functionalities, user interface, and overall effectiveness.

By breaking down its key features and assessing its performance, this Alli AI review aims to provide a clear understanding of how it stands out in the competitive market of SEO tools.


Alli AI Review – My Verdict (4.5/5)

As an expert in leveraging AI writing tools, I’ve had the opportunity to analyze Alli AI comprehensively, comparing it against industry benchmarks and my extensive experience.

Here’s a detailed look into each of its features, backed by facts and figures, to provide a thorough verdict on its capabilities and value proposition.

Alli AI offers a robust framework for site optimization, integrating seamlessly with various aspects of SEO to enhance site visibility and performance.

While the tool does not specify the number of optimized articles or the depth of SEO audits it can conduct, its inclusion of an audit feature suggests a comprehensive approach to optimization.

Its pricing tiers, from Business at $79/month to Enterprise at $199/month, cater to a range of needs, from smaller businesses to large enterprises. The absence of specified credits/month could imply a flexible usage model, which is a plus for varying project sizes.

The capacity to track 500 – 5000 keywords across languages, including German, Greek, and Japanese, among others, positions Alli AI as a versatile tool for global SEO campaigns.

This breadth of language support ensures users can target a diverse global audience effectively.

The tool, however, doesn’t specify the exact features supporting keyword research, leaving some ambiguity about its capabilities in uncovering and suggesting new keywords.

With the ability to track a significant range of keywords, Alli AI likely offers substantial capabilities in ranking tracking. The tool’s pricing suggests that it’s designed to accommodate the needs of businesses of different sizes, which would necessitate reliable and scalable ranking tracking features.

While specifics on the number of SEO audits aren’t provided, the mention of site auditing indicates Alli AI includes essential diagnostic tools to identify SEO issues. This is crucial for maintaining an optimized website that can rank well in search engine results.

The tool does not specify the number of backlink analysis features, leaving some questions about its capabilities in this area. However, the inclusion of backlink building as a feature suggests a recognition of its importance in SEO strategy.

The affirmation of Integration and API support is a significant advantage, offering flexibility in how Alli AI can be used alongside other tools and within larger tech ecosystems. This feature is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their SEO operations.

The assurance of data security is an essential consideration, especially given the sensitive nature of SEO data and the importance of safeguarding competitive insights.

A 10-day free trial is a decent offering to test out the tool’s capabilities. The provision of customer support via email ensures users can seek assistance when needed.

The pricing structure caters to a wide range of business needs, though the lack of a specified refund policy could be a concern for potential users.

For further analysis of each feature, refer to the table provided below, where I have rated each tool according to industry practices.

In summary, Alli AI presents a compelling package for businesses looking to enhance their online presence through SEO. Its comprehensive language support and keyword-tracking capabilities are particularly noteworthy.

My Evaluation Against Industry Standards

Let’s look at the multiple factors in my Alli review to determine if it stands out among the best AI writing tools in the market.

Feature Details My Ratings 
Best for – optimize your site

– keyword research

– track your rankings

– audit your site

– build backlinks 

Pricing Business: $299 / Month

Agency: $599 / Month

Enterprise: $1,199 / Month

Credits/month Not specified (0/5)
Number of Seats 5 – 50 (3/5)
Templates Not specified (0/5)
No. of Keywords Tracking 500 – 5000 (4/5)
Languages Supported German, Greek, English, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Italian, and Japanese. (3/5)
No. of Optimized Articles Not specified (0/5)
No. of SEO audits Not specified (0/5)
No. of backlink analysis Not specified (0/5)
No. of competitor analysis Not specified (0/5)
No. of projects Not Applicable (0/5)
Integration and API Yes (3/5)
Data security Yes (3/5)
Free Trial 10 days (3.5/5)
Customer Support support@Alli AI .com (3/5)
Refund Policy non-refundable (0/5)
Refund Coverage Days Not specified (0/5)

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – Alli AI Review

Let’s commence my detailed Alli AI review by answering some of the questions you might have after seeing the above ratings:

Who should use the Alli AI?

Alli AI is best suited for businesses looking to optimize their website, conduct keyword research, track their rankings, audit their site, and build backlinks.

Alli AI is designed to serve a broad spectrum of users within the digital marketing and SEO space. From small to medium businesses aiming to enhance their online visibility to agencies and large enterprises looking to streamline and optimize their SEO efforts comprehensively, Alli AI offers a range of tools and functionalities.

Its capability to track a significant number of keywords, coupled with support for multiple languages, makes it a versatile choice for global SEO strategies. The tool’s focus on on-site optimization, keyword research, ranking tracking, site auditing, and backlink building positions it as a comprehensive SEO solution.

How much does the Alli AI cost?

Alli AI offers three pricing tiers: Business at $79/month, Agency at $99/month, and Enterprise at $199/month. This range of pricing allows businesses of various sizes to choose a plan that best fits their needs.

The pricing structure is designed to accommodate the varying requirements and budgets of different organizations.

The Business plan is aimed at smaller businesses or startups, the Agency plan is tailored for marketing agencies with multiple clients, and the Enterprise plan is best for large corporations with extensive SEO needs. Each tier offers increased capacity and features to match the scale of the operation, making Alli AI a scalable option for growing businesses.

How many credits do you get with the Alli AI every month?

The information about the number of credits provided each month by Alli AI is not specified. This could imply a flexible usage policy or that the details are tailored to individual user needs based on their selected plan.

Without specific details on credits, it’s challenging to determine how the tool allocates resources for tasks such as keyword tracking or site audits. Potential users may need to contact Alli AI directly for more detailed information regarding how credits are managed and allocated across different activities and features.

How many people can use one Alli AI account?

One Alli AI account can support between 5 to 50 users, depending on the chosen pricing plan. This range accommodates small teams to larger agencies or enterprise departments.

The flexibility in the number of seats makes Alli AI a suitable choice for various organizational sizes and collaboration needs. It allows for team-based project management and task delegation, enhancing productivity and ensuring multiple team members can work simultaneously on SEO efforts without the need for additional accounts.

Does the Alli AI offer templates?

No. This absence of information suggests that users interested in templates for SEO tasks or reports should inquire directly with Alli AI for more details.

While the provision of templates can be a significant time-saver, especially for reports, audits, and content optimization, potential users should consider the tool’s other comprehensive features and possibly reach out to customer support for clarity on this aspect.

Can you track keywords with the Alli AI?

Yes, you can track keywords with Alli AI, with the capacity to track between 500 to 5000 keywords. This feature supports a wide range of languages, making it suitable for global SEO campaigns.

Keyword tracking is a critical component of SEO, allowing users to monitor the performance of their content in search engine results. Alli AI’s broad tracking capacity and multilingual support enable businesses to conduct extensive keyword research and optimization across different markets and languages.

What languages does the Alli AI support?

Alli AI supports multiple languages, including German, Greek, English, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Italian, and Japanese. This wide range of language support enables users to target and optimize content for a global audience.

The multilingual capability of Alli AI is a significant advantage for businesses looking to expand their reach beyond English-speaking audiences. It allows for more nuanced and targeted SEO strategies that can cater to specific linguistic and cultural nuances, enhancing global visibility and engagement.

Can you optimize articles with the Alli AI? How many?

No such information has been disclosed by the team. However, given its focus on on-site optimization, it is likely that the tool includes features to assist in optimizing articles for SEO purposes.

While the exact capacity for article optimization is not detailed, the inclusion of site optimization as a key feature suggests that Alli AI provides tools and insights for improving the SEO performance of web content. Interested users should seek further details from Alli AI regarding the scope and limits of article optimization features.

Can Alli AI do SEO audits?

The mention of site auditing in the features suggests that Alli AI can conduct SEO audits, although the specific number of audits or the depth of these audits is not specified.

SEO audits are essential for identifying strengths and weaknesses in a website’s overall SEO strategy. Alli AI’s capability to audit sites implies it can offer valuable insights into technical SEO issues, content optimization opportunities, and other areas for improvement.

Does Alli AI analyze backlinks?

While the tool does not specify the number of backlink analysis features, the inclusion of backlink building as a feature implies that Alli AI includes some form of backlink analysis capability.

Backlink analysis is crucial for understanding a website’s link profile, including the quality and relevance of inbound links. This feature suggests Alli AI can aid in evaluating and enhancing the backlink strategy, an important factor in SEO performance.

Can you analyze competitors with Alli AI?

The information on their website does not specify whether Alli AI includes competitor analysis features. Competitor analysis is a vital aspect of SEO, offering insights into competitors’ strategies and performance.

Given the comprehensive nature of Alli AI’s SEO tools, users might expect some level of competitor analysis capability. However, for specific details on whether and how Alli AI supports competitor analysis, direct inquiry with the company would be necessary.

How many projects can you manage with Alli AI?

The number of projects you can manage with Alli AI is not applicable, suggesting that the tool might not limit users on a project basis, focusing instead on features like keyword tracking and site optimization.

This approach indicates that Alli AI’s functionalities are designed to support ongoing SEO efforts across multiple websites or campaigns without the constraint of project numbers. Users looking for project-based management should consider how Alli AI’s continuous support model aligns with their needs.

What integrations does Alli AI have?

Alli AI supports integration and API, indicating it can seamlessly work with other tools and systems to enhance SEO efforts. This feature is essential for businesses looking for a scalable and flexible SEO solution that can integrate into their existing digital ecosystem.

Integration capabilities ensure that Alli AI can be a part of a larger set of tools, facilitating efficient workflows and data exchange across platforms. This is particularly beneficial for agencies and enterprises that rely on a variety of tools for comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Is my data safe with Alli AI?

Yes, your data is safe with Alli AI. The tool confirms data security as a feature, highlighting its commitment to protecting user information and SEO data.

Data security is a paramount concern for SEO tools, given the sensitivity of the data involved. Alli AI’s assurance of data protection indicates robust security measures to safeguard user information against unauthorized access or breaches.

Is there a free version of Alli AI?

Alli AI offers a 10-day free trial, but there is no mention of a permanently free version of the tool. The free trial allows potential users to test the tool’s features before committing to a paid plan.

The free trial period is an excellent opportunity for users to evaluate Alli AI’s capabilities and determine how well it fits their SEO needs. However, ongoing use beyond the trial period requires a subscription to one of the paid plans.

How do I contact Alli AI support?

You can contact Alli AI support via email at This contact method provides users with a direct line to seek assistance, ask questions, or resolve issues related to the tool.

Customer support is crucial for ensuring users can maximize the tool’s potential and address any challenges that arise during its use. Alli AI’s provision of an email contact for support underscores its commitment to user satisfaction and support.

Can I get a refund from Alli AI?

Alli AI has a non-refundable policy, meaning that once a subscription fee is paid, it cannot be refunded. This policy highlights the importance of utilizing the free trial to ensure the tool meets your needs before committing to a paid plan.

The non-refundable policy is standard for many SaaS products, emphasizing the value of thoroughly evaluating the tool during the free trial period to make an informed decision about its suitability for your SEO objectives

Other Notable Features – Alli AI Review

Each feature of Alli AI is crafted to enhance your working experience, providing you with the tools needed to optimize your online content effectively. In this Alli AI review,  I have comprehensively explained the key features that make Alli AI a powerful ally in digital marketing.


  • Upto 50 Sites
  • Upto 50 Team Members
  • Upto 5,000 Keywords
  • Upto 20000 Pages
  • AI JSON-LD Schemas for $0.01 per schema
  • Up to 5,000 AI Meta Descriptions and Titles
  • Up to 20,000 Keyword Rankings Updates
  • Up to 120,000 Page Crawls
  • Bulk OnPage Optimization
  • Live Editor and Real-time Deployment
  • Self-Optimizer for Traffic ROI
  • Schema Markup and Interlinks

Upto 50 Sites

With Alli AI, you can manage and optimize up to 50 websites under a single account. This feature is especially beneficial for digital marketing agencies and freelancers who work with multiple clients, allowing them to streamline their SEO efforts across various projects seamlessly.


Upto 50 Team Members

Collaboration is key in SEO and content creation, and Alli AI supports this by allowing up to 50 team members to work on projects simultaneously. This facilitates efficient teamwork and workflow management, ensuring everyone is aligned and can contribute effectively to the SEO strategy.


Upto 5,000 Keywords

Keyword optimization is at the heart of SEO, and Alli AI offers robust support for up to 5,000 keywords. This extensive keyword capacity enables users to track and optimize a wide range of keywords, ensuring comprehensive coverage of their niche or industry.


Upto 20000 Pages

Alli AI’s capability to handle up to 20000 pages makes it a formidable tool for websites with extensive content libraries. This feature ensures that large sites can fully leverage Alli AI’s optimization features to enhance visibility and performance across all their pages.


AI JSON-LD Schemas for $0.01 per schema

Structured data is crucial for SEO, and Alli AI’s AI-driven JSON-LD schema generation feature allows for the easy creation of structured data markup at a nominal cost. This enhances content visibility and comprehension by search engines, potentially boosting rankings and click-through rates.

Up to 5,000 AI Meta Descriptions and Titles

You can craft compelling meta descriptions and titles using Alli AI’s AI capabilities. This feature helps in generating unique and optimized meta tags for up to 5,000 pages, improving click-through rates and SEO performance.

Up to 20,000 Keyword Rankings Updates

Stay on top of your keyword performance with up to 20,000 keyword rankings updates. This feature allows you to monitor your SEO efforts’ effectiveness and adjust your strategy based on real-time data.

Up to 120,000 Page Crawls

With up to 120,000 page crawls included, Alli AI offers deep insights into your website’s SEO health. This comprehensive crawling capability helps identify and fix technical SEO issues, ensuring your site is fully optimized for search engines.


Bulk OnPage Optimization

Optimize multiple pages simultaneously with Alli AI’s bulk OnPage optimization feature. This time-saving tool allows for efficient scaling of your SEO efforts, making it easier to implement changes across your site.


Live Editor and Real-time Deployment

The Live Editor feature, coupled with real-time deployment, enables users to make on-the-fly adjustments to their content and see immediate results. This direct editing capability ensures that optimizations are instantly applied, speeding up the iterative process of SEO.


Self-Optimizer for Traffic ROI

While analyzing different aspects of Alli AI Review, the Self-Optimizer feature is crucial to understand as it uses AI to analyze your site’s performance data and automatically suggest optimizations for improving traffic ROI. This intelligent feature helps prioritize SEO efforts for the best return on investment.


Schema Markup and Interlinks

You can enhance your site’s structure and internal linking strategy with Alli AI’s Schema Markup and Interlinks features. These tools help improve site navigation for users and search engines, contributing to better SEO performance and user experience.

Each feature of Alli AI is designed to address specific aspects of SEO and content optimization, providing users with a versatile and powerful tool to boost their online presence.

Whether you’re looking to manage multiple sites, optimize a vast array of pages, or enhance your content’s visibility through structured data, Alli AI offers a comprehensive solution to meet your digital marketing needs.

How Much Does Alli AI Cost?

Alli AI offers a tiered pricing structure designed to accommodate the diverse needs and sizes of businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises.

All plans are billed monthly and are crafted to provide value for businesses at different stages of growth.

The incremental increases in resources and capabilities ensure that there is a plan suitable for various needs and budgets, making Alli AI a versatile option for those looking to enhance their online presence through smart SEO and content optimization.

Each plan is tailored with specific features and limits to match the requirements of different users. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing plans provided by Alli AI:


Business Plan – US$ 299 /Month

  • Sites: Up to 5
  • Team Members: Up to 5
  • Keywords: Up to 500
  • Pages: Up to 1,250

This plan includes 500 AI-generated meta descriptions and titles, 2,500 keyword rankings updates, and 7,500 page crawls. Additional AI JSON-LD Schemas are priced at $0.02 per schema, while additional meta descriptions, titles, keyword updates, and page crawls are billed at $0.01 each. This plan is ideal for consultants, startups, and small teams looking for a comprehensive SEO tool.

Agency Plan – $599/Month

  • Sites: Up to 15
  • Team Members: Up to 15
  • Keywords: Up to 2,000
  • Pages: Up to 5,000

Agencies and e-commerce stores will find the Agency Plan fitting, with 1,500 AI meta descriptions and titles, 8,000 keyword rankings updates, and 30,000 page crawls included. Extra AI JSON-LD Schemas cost $0.02 each, and additional resources are billed at $0.01. This middle-tier plan provides a balance between cost and features, offering more room for growth and management of multiple clients.

Enterprise Plan – $1,199/Month

  • Sites: Up to 50
  • Team Members: Up to 50
  • Keywords: Up to 5,000
  • Pages: Up to 20,000

For corporations, large agencies, and online retailers, the Enterprise Plan provides the most extensive package. It comes with 5,000 AI meta descriptions and titles, 20,000 keyword rankings updates, and 120,000-page crawls, ensuring that large-scale operations have all the necessary tools at their disposal.

As with the other plans, additional AI JSON-LD Schemas are available for $0.01 each, and further resources can be accessed at the same per-unit cost.

Get Alli AIOur Top Recommendation For AI SEO Tools

Pros & Cons-Alli AI Review

Now that we have reviewed features and pricing of the tools, let’s check out some of the pros and cons related to it.


    • Alli AI’s support for up to 50 sites and 50 team members on the Enterprise plan makes it scalable for large businesses.
    • The inclusion of AI-generated meta descriptions and titles streamlines content optimization, saving valuable time.
    • Alli AI offers comprehensive page crawls, which help identify and fix SEO issues efficiently.
    • The tool’s bulk OnPage optimization and real-time deployment features facilitate immediate SEO improvements across numerous pages.
    • With its Self-Optimizer, Alli AI provides automated, data-driven recommendations for enhancing traffic ROI, making SEO management more intelligent.


    • Alli AI’s pricing may be steep for individual bloggers or very small businesses just starting out with SEO.
    • The limit on keyword tracking might require additional costs for businesses targeting a broad range of keywords.
    • Extra charges for additional page crawls and AI JSON-LD schemes can add up, increasing the overall cost.
    • While AI-generated content suggestions are helpful, they may not always align perfectly with the user’s unique brand voice.
    • There’s a learning curve associated with the tool’s advanced features, which may be challenging for SEO beginners.

Exploring Alli AI Alternatives for SEO and Content Optimization

When considering alternatives to Alli AI for SEO and content optimization, it’s important to weigh their strengths and weaknesses against the features and capabilities of Alli AI.

Here, we will discuss some of the notable alternatives, outlining their advantages and limitations to help you make an informed decision.



Moz Pro


Alli AI is used for automating and enhancing various SEO tasks, including keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO audits.

AI is excellent for SEO as it can analyze large datasets quickly, provide insights, and automate tasks to improve search engine rankings effectively.

The “best” AI tool for SEO can vary based on individual needs, but Alli AI is often recommended for its comprehensive features and user-friendly approach.

AI cannot entirely replace SEO as it serves as a tool to augment human expertise, but it significantly streamlines and enhances the SEO process.


In conducting an Alli AI review, I have rigorously tested each feature of this tool to offer you an informed decision. Alli AI stands as a great companion for those aiming to enhance their SEO strategies with AI’s precision and efficiency.

For more of such AI tools analysis, visit our AI reviews at

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