BHuman AI Review 2024: Is It the Best AI Video Tool?

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  • June 20, 2024

If you’re considering BHuman AI for your video automation needs, this BHuman AI review will guide you through its core functionalities. Known for streamlining the creation of personalized software demos, BHuman AI enables users to quickly produce realistic videos.

It’s compelling in sectors like healthcare for patient check-ins, finance for advisor cloning, education for tailored lessons, entertainment to engage audiences, and politics to connect with voters.

As one of the best AI video tools available, it’s an essential asset for anyone looking to enhance their digital interactions. Stay tuned for a detailed BHuman AI Review.


BHuman AI Review – My Verdict (4.3/5)

In assessing BHuman AI, I’ve rigorously evaluated its versatility and efficiency across various functionalities, confirming its status as one of the best AI video tools available.

As an AI user, I appreciate BHuman AI’s robust template offerings and advanced voice cloning capabilities, which effectively cater to a wide range of industries, from healthcare to finance.

The platform’s media library and custom fonts significantly enhance creative freedom, making it indispensable for personalized content creation.

The pricing structure of BHuman AI is competitive, with a free tier that offers substantial value, making it accessible for users. Additionally, the high-resolution output and extensive language support ensure global applicability.

The integration options like Zapier enhance its utility by seamlessly connecting with other tools. However, the non-refundable policy necessitates careful consideration before purchase.

For a detailed analysis of each feature, refer to the table below, where I have rated each tool according to what industry practices are.

My average rating for BHuman AI comes out to a strong 4.3 out of 5, affirming my recommendation for anyone looking to leverage AI in video production.

My Quick Overview – BHuman AI Review

Here’s a table summarizing the key factors of BHuman AI:

Factors Details My Ratings
Best for Software companies, marketing, eCommerce, real estate, automotive, customer support, and HR 4.9 out of 5
Pricing – Free: $0/month<br>- Growth: $39/month<br>- Scale: $99/month<br>- Ultimate: $150/month<br>- Additional per seat pricing for Growth, Scale, and Ultimate plans 4.5 out of 5
Templates Community templates available, including script generator 4 out of 5
Voice Cloning Available 5 out of 5
Media Library One-click translation, bulk video downloads, background music, music tracks, auto subtitles, and more 5 out of 5
Custom Fonts Available 4 out of 5
Solutions Sales, marketing, eCommerce, real estate, automotive, software, customer support, and HR 4.5 out of 5
Duration No length limit as long as the file size remains below 70 MBs 4 out of 5
Voice-Over/Audio AI voice cloning, voiceover uploads, background music, music tracks, auto subtitles 5 out of 5
Languages Supported Supports 50+ languages 4.5 out of 5
Voiceover Uploads Available 5 out of 5
Text To Video Generator AI-powered, capable of generating personalized videos at scale 4.5 out of 5
No of Users Pricing scales with the number of seats; specific details provided in the pricing plan 4 out of 5
Integration Extensive integration capabilities including Zapier, Pabbly Connect, API access; integrates with 6000+ apps through Zapier 5 out of 5
Data Security Not specified in the provided details 3 out of 5
Resolution Supports up to 1080p 4.5 out of 5
Free Trial Not explicitly mentioned, assuming not available based on provided information 3 out of 5
Customer Support Contact via email: 4 out of 5
Refund Policy All purchases are non-refundable; cancellation possible at the end of the current paid term 3.5 out of 5


Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – BHuman AI Review

Here, I provide a comprehensive breakdown of BHuman AI’s key features, showcasing why it stands out as the best AI tool for video production. Each feature is analyzed to highlight its effectiveness and how the AI model enhances user experience and output quality, much like the best AI tool for video production that has been revolutionizing the industry.

What is BHuman AI Best For?

BHuman AI is best for creating personalized, realistic videos at scale. It’s designed to automate and streamline the video production process, making it ideal for various professional sectors such as sales, marketing, customer support, and more.

The platform allows users to quickly generate thousands of customized videos by cloning their face and voice, which is particularly useful for enhancing customer engagement and personalizing communication efforts.

This tool is an asset for anyone needing to distribute tailored video content efficiently, from automated customer service responses to personalized marketing messages.

What is the Pricing of BHuman AI?

BHuman AI offers a tiered monthly pricing structure tailored to different usage levels and feature access. The monthly plans include a Free option at $0/month, designed for users to get familiar with the platform’s basics. The Growth plan, at $39/month, is suited for launching initial campaigns and seeing results.

The Scale plan is available at $99/month for expanded campaign capabilities and higher volume. The most comprehensive plan, Ultimate, costs $150/month and provides full access to all the features BHuman AI has to offer.

How does voice cloning work in BHuman AI?

Voice cloning in BHuman AI follows a streamlined process to create personalized videos efficiently. Here’s how it works:

  • Record a template video.
  • Choose variables to personalize (e.g., names, companies).
  • Record or generate variables.
  • Adjust variable timings correctly.
  • Click generate to produce personalized videos in minutes.voice-cloning-work-in-bhuman-ai

What Solutions does BHuman AI offers?

BHuman AI offers innovative solutions primarily focused on the creation of personalized videos at scale to enhance business growth.

Their services include a main platform called AI Studio, which facilitates the generation of customized videos leveraging advanced AI. These tools encompass face cloning, voice cloning, and background mode, among others.

Moreover, BHuman provides automation capabilities for platforms like LinkedIn and features integrations with email, SMS, Zapier, and Pabbly.

Their offerings are designed to save time, increase engagement, and maintain a human touch in digital communications, catering to businesses that require frequent and personalized outreach to large customer databases.

How to Use BHuman AI Voice-Over/Audio?

Follow these steps to use BHuman AI Voice-Over/Audio:

  • Record a template video using BHuman’s platform.
  • Utilize the AI Studio to add voice cloning to your video.
  • Connect your customer data for personalized voice-over content.
  • Configure the platform to generate and send personalized videos with voice-overs automatically via email, SMS, or LinkedIn.
  • Use integrations like Zapier and Pabbly to enhance the automation of the voice-over videos.

What Duration is Supported by BHuman AI?

BHuman AI supports video creation without a specific length limit, provided that the file size remains below 70 MB.

This flexibility allows users to produce personalized videos of various durations tailored to their unique communication needs, from quick updates to more detailed explanations, ensuring effective audience engagement across different contexts.

What Languages are Supported by BHuman AI?

BHuman AI supports over 50 languages, enabling businesses and individuals worldwide to create and distribute personalized video content tailored to a diverse audience.

This extensive language support enhances the platform’s usability across different geographic and demographic segments, making it highly effective for global communication strategies where multilingual content capabilities are crucial.


Does BHuman AI work as a Text To Video Generator?

Yes, BHuman AI functions effectively as a text-to-video generator. The platform allows users to transform written content into personalized videos seamlessly.

This capability is particularly useful for automating and scaling video content production, enabling users to quickly generate dynamic, engaging videos from text-based inputs, which enhances communication and marketing strategies across various industries.

What is the Number of Users in BHuman AI?

The number of users (seats) in BHuman AI varies depending on the chosen subscription plan. Specifically, the Growth plan offers pricing per seat at $10, the Scale plan at $8 per seat, and the Ultimate plan at $5 per seat.

This structure allows businesses to scale their platform use based on team size and needs, making BHuman AI adaptable for different organizational capacities, from small teams to large enterprises.

What sort of Integration is used in BHuman AI?

BHuman AI offers robust integration capabilities, particularly through platforms like Zapier and Pabbly Connect. These integrations allow users to automate their workflows by connecting BHuman AI with over 6000 other apps.

This seamless connectivity enhances the platform’s utility by enabling the automatic sending of personalized videos at critical workflow points, such as in customer relationship management or marketing automation tools, making it a versatile solution for various business processes.


Is there any Data Security Policy by BHuman AI?

BHuman AI implements both organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal information. However, they acknowledge that no electronic transmission or information storage technology is completely secure.

Therefore, while they strive to protect your personal information, they cannot guarantee its absolute security against potential breaches by hackers, cybercriminals, or other unauthorized parties.

They emphasize that transmitting personal information to and from their services is done at the user’s own risk, and users should only access their services within a secure environment to minimize risks.

What Resolution is Supported by BHuman AI?

BHuman AI supports video creation up to a resolution of 1080p. This high-definition resolution ensures that videos produced using the platform are of excellent visual quality and suitable for various professional and personal content/ applications where clarity and detail are important.

Can I use BHuman AI for free?

Yes, you can use BHuman AI for free with their free tier plan. This plan is designed to help users get familiar with the platform’s features and functionalities without cost.

The free version offers access to basic features and live chat support, making it a great starting point for individuals and businesses looking to explore the capabilities of AI-powered personalized video creation before committing to a paid subscription.

How to contact Customer Support of BHuman AI?

To contact customer Support for BHuman AI, you can reach out via email at This email address provides a direct line to their support team for any inquiries, technical support, or assistance you may need while using their platform.

This method ensures that users can receive personalized help and solutions to optimize their experience with BHuman AI.

What is the Refund Policy of BHuman AI?

BHuman AI’s refund policy is explicitly non-refundable. According to their Terms of Service, all purchases, including subscriptions, are final and cannot be refunded.

Users can cancel their subscription at any time, but no refunds will be given for any remaining part of the subscription term, as the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current paid period.

How to Cancel BHuman AI Subscription?

You can cancel your BHuman AI subscription at any time by contacting their support directly. According to their Terms of Service, the cancellation will become effective at the end of your current paid term.

For specific instructions or to address issues with the service, you should email them at

How Does BHuman AI Work for Creators?

BHuman AI utilizes advanced AI technology to create highly personalized videos that can scale to meet various business needs. The process starts with recording a template video and selecting variables like names or details specific to the recipient.

The platform then generates a customized video by integrating these details, allowing for a high degree of personalization. This technology is instrumental in marketing, customer service, and sales, where personalized communication can significantly enhance engagement and response rates.


What is the unique selling point of BHuman AI?

The unique selling point of BHuman AI is its revolutionary video tool that allows the creation of personalized videos at scale. This feature sets BHuman apart by enabling creators to humanize their communication across various industries effectively.

By allowing the customization of videos with cloned faces and voices, BHuman AI ensures that each video feels personal and unique, enhancing engagement and making every recipient feel specially addressed.

This capability is especially critical in environments where direct and personal communication is key to success, offering an unparalleled level of personalization in digital interactions.

What is BHuman AI?

BHuman AI is a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize business communications through the power of advanced artificial intelligence.

It offers a suite of tools that allow businesses to create personalized realistic videos at scale, featuring capabilities such as face and voice cloning.

These videos are tailored to each customer and can be automatically distributed via SMS, email, LinkedIn, and other channels, making it easier for companies to maintain a human touch with customers without the need for ongoing manual input.

This technology is particularly valuable for enhancing engagement and conversion rates in marketing, sales prospecting, customer onboarding, and more.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View of BHuman AI


    • Large-scale personalization of videos enhances customer engagement.
    • Automates customized messages, saving time and improving efficiency.
    • Supports over 50 languages, enhancing global reach.
    • Integrates seamlessly with platforms like Zapier for workflow automation.
    • Offers a free tier for users to explore the platform’s features.


    • Platform can be user-unfriendly and difficult to navigate.
    • Customer support is not too satisfactory and helpful.
    • Requires additional payment per seat on subscription plans
    •  Data security specifics are not clearly outlined

How Much Does BHuman AI Cost?much-does-bhuman-ai-cost

BHuman AI offers a tiered pricing structure to accommodate various user needs.

Plan Price
Free $0/month
Growth $39/month
Scale $99/month
Ultimate $150/month

Note: Costs per seat vary within these plans, making it flexible for businesses to scale their usage based on team size and requirements.


Don Bosco is the founder of BHuman AI, a startup that allows the creation of AI-powered videos that are indistinguishable from real recordings.

BHuman AI is used to create hyper-personalized videos at scale, enhancing customer engagement and productivity in tasks such as customer support, sales outreach, and birthday greetings.

Yes, users can use BHuman AI on their phones. The platform allows users to record videos using a webcam or phone.

Yes, BHuman AI can be used to create personalized videos for YouTube, enhancing content with unique customization options like face and voice cloning, making it suitable for diverse and dynamic video content creation.


This BHuman AI review highlights its exceptional ability to create personalized videos at scale, making it a standout choice for enhancing digital communication across various sectors.

With features like multi-language support, HD video quality, and integration capabilities, BHuman AI meets the demands of modern businesses seeking effective engagement tools.

While it offers a free tier, the full spectrum of its capabilities in this BHuman AI review is best realized through its premium plans.

For more insights into cutting-edge solutions, continue exploring our detailed AI tool reviews for comprehensive assessments of the latest in technology tailored to the needs of the market and beyond.

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