Bing AI Review 2024: What You Need to Know

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  • April 16, 2024

In an age where technology is a constant companion, the quest for a smarter, more responsive digital assistant has led to significant innovations. Bing AI, Microsoft’s answer to the growing demand for advanced search tools, stands out for its simplicity and efficiency.

It is designed to streamline the search experience, offering precise answers and relevant information quickly.

This tool not only adapts to user queries but also anticipates needs, making it a standout option for those seeking a blend of convenience and accuracy. It employs machine learning and natural language processing to understand queries in context, offering direct answers and interactive dialogues.

My exploration of the Bing AI review will cover its standout features, usability, and its impact on the future of online search and assistance.


Bing AI Review – My Verdict (4.5/5)

Bing AI excels in creative writing and storytelling, showcasing its strength in generating engaging and imaginative content. Its ability to handle complex reasoning allows for more nuanced and sophisticated writing.

When it comes to writing poems and stories, Bing AI’s versatility shines, offering users a wide range of styles and tones. Its proficiency in generating song lyrics is remarkable, providing users with unique and catchy compositions. Moreover, Bing AI is instrumental in grammar and writing improvement, making it a valuable tool for writers seeking to enhance their skills.

The fact that Bing AI is offered free of charge is a significant advantage, democratizing access to advanced AI writing tools. This aspect makes it accessible to a wide audience, from students to professionals, without the barrier of cost.

Bing AI’s flexibility in handling tasks from 2000 characters to unlimited lengths caters to a broad range of writing needs, from short emails to extensive reports, offering users the freedom to express themselves without constraints.

The support for multiple languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin, underscores Bing AI’s global appeal and utility. This multilingual capability enables a wider range of users to benefit from its features in their native language.

The inclusion of a grammar check feature enhances the quality of output, ensuring that the text is not only creative and engaging but also grammatically correct. This feature adds an extra layer of polish to the writing, making it more professional and readable.

Leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4, Bing AI benefits from one of the most advanced language models available, offering cutting-edge performance in text generation and understanding. This foundation enables the tool to deliver high-quality, contextually relevant content.

The integration with Microsoft’s search engine, as well as popular browsers like Google Chrome and Safari, enhances Bing AI’s usability and convenience, allowing users to access its capabilities directly within their daily workflow.

Bing AI’s commitment to data security is paramount, ensuring users’ information and content are protected. This feature is crucial for building trust and reliability among users, especially in handling sensitive material.

The absence of a free trial period is mitigated by the tool’s free availability, offering unrestricted access to its features without any financial commitment. This approach allows users to fully explore and utilize Bing AI’s capabilities.

Providing a direct helpline for customer support underscores Bing AI’s commitment to user satisfaction and support, ensuring that users can receive assistance and resolve any issues promptly.

In conclusion, Bing AI stands out as a versatile and powerful AI writing tool.

The detailed table below provides further analysis of each feature, offering readers an in-depth comparison against industry practices.

My Evaluation Against Industry Standards

Let’s look at the multiple factors in my Bing AI review to determine if it stands out among the other best AI writing tools in the market.

Feature Details My Ratings 
Best for – Creative Writing and Storytelling
– Complex Reasoning
– Writing Poems and Stories
– Generating Song Lyrics
– Grammar and Writing Improvement
Pricing Free (4/5)
Word Count 2000 characters – unlimited (3/5)
Number of Seats Not specified (0/5)
Templates Not specified (0/5)
Credits/ month Not specified (0/5)
Languages Supported English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin (2/5)
Plagiarism Check No (0/5)
Grammar Check Yes (3/5)
Brand Voice Not Applicable (0/5)
Language Model OpenAI’s GPT-4 (4/5)
Integration Integrated with Microsoft’s search engine, Google Chrome, and Safari (3/5)
Data Security Yes (4/5)
Free Trial Already Free of cost (5/5)
Customer Support you can contact their helpline +1 425-882-8080. (4/5)
Refund Policy Not Applicable (0/5)
Refund Coverage Days Not Applicable (0/5)

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – Bing AI Review

Let’s commence my detailed Bing AI review by answering some of the questions you might have after seeing the above ratings:

What is the best way to use Bing AI?

The best way to use Bing AI is for creative writing, storytelling, complex reasoning, writing poems and stories, generating song lyrics, and grammar and writing improvement. Bing AI excels in tasks that require creativity and linguistic finesse, making it a powerful tool for writers and content creators looking to enhance their work with AI-generated text.

How much does Bing AI cost?

Bing AI is free of charge. This makes it an accessible tool for users of all backgrounds, including students, professionals, and hobbyists who are interested in exploring or utilizing AI for writing and content creation without any financial barrier.

What is the word count limit provided by Bing AI?

The word count limit provided by Bing AI ranges from 2000 characters to unlimited. This flexibility allows for a wide variety of uses, from short-form content to longer documents, accommodating the diverse needs of its users.

How many numbers of seats are provided by Bing AI?

The number of seats provided by Bing AI is not specified. This information might be relevant for organizations or teams looking to adopt Bing AI collaboratively, and it suggests that details regarding multi-user access should be sought directly from Microsoft or Bing AI’s support channels.

How many templates does Bing AI have?

The number of templates Bing AI has is not specified. Users looking for specific templates or guided writing aids may need to explore the tool directly or inquire with customer support for more detailed information.

What languages does Bing AI support?

Bing AI supports English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin. This multilingual capability enhances its appeal to a global audience, allowing users to generate content in multiple languages.

Can I use Bing AI to identify grammatical errors?

Yes, you can use Bing AI to identify grammatical errors. Its grammar check feature using the NLP model helps ensure that the text not only sounds natural and engaging but is also grammatically correct, making it a useful tool for writing improvement and editing.

Does Bing AI check plagiarism?

No, Bing AI does not check for plagiarism. Users should use separate tools or services for plagiarism checking to ensure the originality of their content.

Does Bing AI have a brand voice feature?

Brand voice is not applicable to Bing AI. The tool does not specify features tailored to maintaining or adapting a specific brand voice, focusing instead on broad capabilities in creative and grammatical writing.

Which language model does Bing AI use?

Bing AI uses OpenAI’s GPT-4, one of the most advanced AI language models available. This allows Bing AI to generate high-quality, contextually relevant content across a wide range of topics and styles.

Bing AI provides integrations with which models?

Bing AI is integrated with Microsoft’s search engine, Google Chrome, and Safari. These integrations enhance its usability by making it directly accessible within popular browsers and search tools, facilitating seamless workflow incorporation.

Does Bing AI collect my personal data?

Yes, Bing AI has data security measures in place, which implies that it handles personal data with care. However, the specifics of what data is collected and how it is used are not detailed, indicating that users should review Bing AI’s privacy policies for comprehensive understanding.

Is there a free version of Bing AI?

Yes, Bing AI is entirely free of cost. This allows users unrestricted access to its features without any financial commitment, enabling broad experimentation and use.

How can I contact the Bing AI customer support team?

You can contact the Bing AI customer support team by calling their helpline at +1-425-882-8080. This direct line provides users with a means to resolve queries, report issues, or seek further information about Bing AI.y.

Bing AI Review – Other Notable Features, Pricing & Policies


Bing AI differentiates itself with its ability to learn from interactions, improving its responses over time. This tool aims to transform how we interact with digital information, making searches more conversational and tailored to individual needs.

Key Features – Bing AI Review

Now, let’s explore the key features Microsoft Bing AI provides. These innovative capabilities set Bing AI apart, enhancing user experience with smarter, more personalized interactions.


  • Bing Image Search
  • Bing News Search
  • Bing Video Search
  • Bing Visual Search
  • Bing Web Search
  • Bing Entity Search
  • Bing Spell Check
  • Bing Autosuggest
  • Microsoft Edge and Copilot Experiences
  • Bring Your Copilot on the Go
  • Bing Insights in Microsoft Edge Sidebar
  • Bing Stories
  • Bing Compose
  • Knowledge Cards 2.0
Bing Image Search

Bing Image Search allows users to search for images across the web, offering comprehensive results that include thumbnails, full image URLs, publishing website information, image metadata, and more. This feature helps users efficiently find and explore images for any purpose.

Bing News Search

Bing News Search provides users with the ability to search for news articles, delivering comprehensive results. It includes details such as the authoritative image of the news article, related news and categories, provider information, article URL, and date added, ensuring users have access to the latest and most relevant news.

Bing Video Search

With Bing Video Search, users can find videos across the web, receiving comprehensive results that include useful metadata such as the creator, encoding format, video length, view count, and more. This feature enhances the video discovery experience.

Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search offers advanced image understanding capabilities in a single call. It enables developers to create applications that interpret visual content, find related products or images, read business cards, identify barcodes, find the image’s source, or recognize popular artwork, monuments, celebrities, and common objects.

Bing Web Search

Bing Web Search provides enhanced search details from billions of web documents. Users can retrieve web documents indexed by Bing and refine the results based on result type, freshness, and more, making web searches more efficient and relevant.

Bing Entity Search

Bing Entity Search enriches apps, blogs, or websites with rich context about people, places, things, and local businesses, offering a more engaging user experience. It identifies the most relevant entities based on the search term and provides primary details about those entities.

Bing Spell Check

The Bing Spell Check feature adds advanced, cloud-based spelling algorithms to apps, ensuring that user input is understood correctly and enhancing the overall user experience with accurate spelling suggestions.

Bing Autosuggest

Bing Autosuggest API improves search experiences by providing users with suggestions for popular search terms, correcting perceived mistakes, and offering detailed contextual suggestions based on other useful searches.

Microsoft Edge and Copilot Experiences

Microsoft Edge, with its new Copilot built-in, offers the future of browsing and searching. Users can ask complex questions, get comprehensive answers, summarize information on a page, dive deeper into citations, and start writing drafts—all within the browser, streamlining the browsing experience.

Bring Your Copilot on the Go

The new Copilot app allows users to search and access their Copilot anytime, anywhere. Users can ask any question, from trivia to creative image creation, and receive quick, helpful answers along with suggestions for what to do next. Voice search and chat are also supported, with preferences syncing across devices.

Bing Insights in Microsoft Edge Sidebar

This feature integrates Bing Insights directly into the Microsoft Edge sidebar, offering users immediate access to relevant information and insights while browsing, enhancing the research and learning experience.

Bing Stories

Bing Stories brings engaging and informative content to users, providing a dynamic way to discover and interact with trending stories and topics across the web.

Bing Compose

Bing Compose assists users in creating written content, leveraging AI to offer suggestions and generate text based on user inputs, simplifying the content creation process.

Knowledge Cards 2.0

Knowledge Cards 2.0 by Bing offers enhanced information cards on a wide range of topics, providing users with quick, accessible summaries and key facts, making information discovery more intuitive and efficient.

Pricing Plans: Bing AI Review

Microsoft Bing’s features are free to use. However, there are some limitations:

  • You can only use Bing AI inside the Microsoft Edge Browser.
  • You need to have a Microsoft account to access it.
  • There is a limit on the number of conversations you can have daily.
  • Bing AI is accessible via a limited number of platforms.

Bing Search APIs offer powerful search capabilities for developers, but they are not entirely free. However, they provide a pay-as-you-go model, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Here are some key points about Bing Search APIs:

  • No Upfront Cost: You don’t need to pay any upfront fees to use Bing Search APIs.
  • No Termination Fees: There are no termination fees if you decide to stop using the APIs.
Features and Pricing:
  • The Bing Search APIs include several features such as Bing Image Search, Bing News Search, Bing Video Search, Bing Visual Search, Bing Web Search, Bing Entity Search, Bing Spell Check, and Bing Autosuggest.
  • You can use these APIs to enhance your applications with search capabilities.
  • The free tier allows 1,000 transactions per month for all markets.
  • For higher usage, there are paid tiers with different transaction limits and features.
Recent Changes:
  • Microsoft has invested in using AI to improve Bing Search.
  • As a result, the pricing for the Bing Search API has been adjusted..

Identifying the Ideal Users of Bing AI

In my Bing AI review, it’s essential to understand who stands to benefit the most from using Bing AI. This powerful tool is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of users, each with unique needs and objectives. Below, we explore the diverse groups that Bing AI is ideally suited for:

Students and Researchers:

With its advanced search capabilities and comprehensive knowledge base, Bing AI is a valuable resource for students and researchers seeking detailed information and insights for their academic projects.

Professionals and Businesses:

Bing AI’s integration with Microsoft products and its productivity tools make it an excellent choice for professionals looking to streamline their workflows and enhance efficiency.

Creative Individuals:

Artists, writers, and designers can leverage Bing AI’s image generation and content creation features to spark creativity and assist in their creative projects.

Tech Enthusiasts:

Individuals keen on exploring the latest in AI technology will find Bing AI’s cutting-edge features and capabilities particularly engaging and informative.

Casual Users:

For those who simply want to improve their daily online interactions, Bing AI offers a more intuitive and personalized browsing experience, making it easier to find information, shop online, or explore new topics.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View of Bing AI

In providing a balanced Bing AI review, it’s crucial to outline both the advantages and drawbacks of using this AI-powered tool. Here’s a straightforward look at the pros and cons of Bing AI:


    • Bing AI offers sophisticated search functionalities that provide accurate, context-aware results.
    • Works effortlessly with Microsoft products, enhancing productivity across various applications.
    • Includes unique tools like Bing Visual Search and Bing Compose, pushing the boundaries of traditional search engines.
    • Adapts to user preferences over time, offering tailored search results and suggestions.
    • Designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring a wide range of users can effectively utilize its features.


    • Restrictions on chat sessions can hinder extended interactions or in-depth research.
    • While it supports multiple languages, performance can be inconsistent in less common languages.
    • Image search and creation tools may not always meet specific user needs for creativity or precision.
    • Despite its integration capabilities, users may encounter occasional hiccups across different platforms.
    • Users have raised concerns about how personal data is managed and the privacy implications of AI-driven search.

Bing AI Alternatives: Exploring Other Options

While Bing AI offers a range of impressive features for various users, it’s important to consider alternatives that may better suit specific needs or preferences.

Now, I have compared Bing AI against notable alternatives such as Google Bard, Chatsonic, and Jasper Chat. Each tool brings its unique strengths and limitations, offering users options to find the AI assistant that best matches their requirements.

Google Bard

Google Bard, developed by Google, is designed to foster creative and innovative AI-driven conversations, seamlessly integrating with the broader Google ecosystem.


Jasper Chat


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Bing AI on different platforms.

Bing AI offers more integrated search capabilities, while ChatGPT specializes in conversational AI, making them better for different uses.

Bing AI is quite reliable, offering accurate searches and AI-powered tools with continuous updates to improve its performance.

No, Bing AI is developed by Microsoft and incorporates some OpenAI technology, but they are distinct entities.

Bing AI is completely free to use.


In wrapping up the Bing AI review, it’s clear that this tool is a solid option for users seeking efficient, smart assistance with their online searches and tasks. Its ability to provide helpful answers, generate creative content, and streamline information-gathering processes speaks volumes about its development and capabilities.

While it may not be perfect, with occasional lapses in understanding complex queries, its overall performance is impressive.

For more of such in-depth analysis of AI tools, visit our AI reviews at

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