Can I Rank Review 2024: A Guide to Enhancing SEO

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  • April 15, 2024

While searching for a cost-effective SEO tool, I came across “Can I Rank,” and I found out how this tool assists with essential SEO tasks such as keyword research and rank tracking, all while offering these services at a competitive price. Stay tuned for more insights in my “Can I Rank Review.”

At its core, Can I Rank employs advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze over 200,000 websites weekly, gathering insights and patterns that help predict what strategies will most effectively boost your site’s visibility.

This tool stands out by not just telling you where your site stands but by providing a roadmap on how to outrank your competitors.


Can I Rank Review – My Verdict (4.5/5)

As someone who frequently uses AI tools for writing and SEO, I’ve taken a close look at the “Can I Rank” AI tool. Here’s what I think about its features and performance.

This tool is great for Keyword Research, SERP Analysis, and Rank Tracking. It does a good job of finding relevant keywords and offers detailed information about search engine results, which is great for understanding what’s working in SEO.

Its rank-tracking feature is also reliable, helping you keep track of how well your keywords are doing over time.

“Can I Rank” offers different prices: $49 per month, $79 per month, and $299 per month. Each price point gives you different features, so you can choose what works best for your needs. It doesn’t tell you how many credits you get each month, which can be important for heavy users, but the options make it easier to fit into your budget.

The tool doesn’t specify how many templates or seats it offers, nor does it give details on integration or API capabilities, which might make it hard to tell if it’ll fit well with your team or existing systems.

However, it does offer keyword tracking that starts at 25 keywords per site and goes up to 200+, which is quite useful. It supports a range of languages, including German, Greek, English, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Italian, and Japanese, making it suitable for international SEO efforts.

The tool allows you to do between 5 and 40 SEO audits daily, which can help a lot in optimizing your site. It also offers backlink analysis from 20 up to 1000 per month, which is essential for building a strong backlink profile.

Details on how many competitor analyses and projects you can run aren’t specified, so you might need another tool for those tasks.

“Can I Rank” ensures your data is safe, which is critical. Support is available through email, which works but might not be enough if you need quick answers. It offers a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out without risk to see if it fits your needs.

“Can I Rank” is a solid tool for anyone focused on keyword research, SERP analysis, and tracking rankings. It covers a lot of languages and has good features for SEO audits and backlink analysis.

However, the lack of details on some features might limit its use for larger teams or complex projects. Given its pricing and security measures, it’s worth considering in your search for an SEO tool.

For further details and a complete feature comparison to industry standards, check the table below.

My Evaluation Against Industry Standards

Let’s look at the multiple factors in my Can I Rank review to determine if it stands out among the other best AI writing tools in the market.

Feature Details My Ratings 
Best for -Keyword Research

-SERP Analysis

-Rank Tracking

Pricing – $ 49 / Mo

– $ 79 / Mo

– $ 299 / Mo

Credits/month Not specified (0/5)
Number of Seats not specified (0/5)
Templates Not specified (0/5)
No. of Keywords Tracking 25+ keywords / site – 200+ keywords / site (4/5)
Languages Supported German, Greek, English, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Italian, and Japanese. (4/5)
No. of Optimized Articles Not specified (0/5)
No. of SEO audits 5 – 40/day (4/5)
No. of backlink analysis 20 total – 1000 / month (4/5)
No. of competitor analysis Not specified (0/5)
No. of projects Not specified (0/5)
Integration and API Not specified (0/5)
Data security Yes (3/5)
Free Trial 7-Day Free Trial (3.5/5)
Customer Support Email (3/5)
Refund Policy Yes (0/5)
Refund Coverage Days 30 days (5/5)

Detailed Analysis of its Key Features – Can I Rank Review

Let’s commence my detailed Can I Rank review by answering some of the questions you might have after seeing the above ratings:

Who should use the Can I Rank?

“Can I Rank” is best for content creators focused on SEO, including keyword research, SERP analysis, and rank tracking. This tool can significantly streamline the SEO component of content creation by providing insights that help target content more effectively to the intended audience.

How much does the Can I Rank cost?

The tool costs $49, $79, or $299 per month, depending on the chosen plan. This pricing structure allows content creators to select a plan that matches their budget and needs, affecting the ROI of their content marketing efforts.

How many credits do you get with the Can I Rank every month?

The number of credits per month is not specified. This factor can affect content creators by limiting or enabling their usage of specific features extensively, impacting their ability to scale their SEO content production.

How many people can use one Can I Rank account?

The number of seats per account is not specified. This affects content creators working in teams, as it is unclear how many team members can access the tool simultaneously to collaborate on content and SEO strategies.

Does the Can I Rank offer templates?

It is not specified whether the tool offers templates. Templates can streamline the content creation process, especially for standardized SEO tasks and reports, affecting efficiency and consistency in content output.

Can you track keywords with the Can I Rank?

Yes, it allows tracking 25+ keywords per site and 200+ on higher plans. Keyword tracking is crucial for content creators to monitor the performance of their content in search engines and tweak their strategies based on what’s working.

What languages does the Can I Rank support?

It supports multiple languages, including German, Greek, English, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Italian, and Japanese. This multilingual feature is particularly beneficial for content creators targeting a global audience, enabling them to optimize content for different language speakers.

Can you optimize articles with the Can I Rank? How many?

The number of articles you can optimize is not specified. However, the ability to optimize articles affects the quality and search engine compatibility of the content, potentially increasing its reach and engagement.

Can I Rank do SEO audits?

Yes, it performs 5 to 40 SEO audits per day. Regular SEO audits help content creators identify and rectify SEO issues, ensuring their content is fully optimized for search engines, leading to better rankings.

With up to 40 SEO reports available daily, users gain access to detailed analyses of their website’s SEO health, pinpointing areas of improvement across on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. This feature helps in prioritizing SEO tasks effectively.

Does Can I Rank analyze backlinks?

Yes, it analyzes 20 to 1000 backlinks per month. This feature helps content creators understand and improve their site’s backlink profile, which is a critical factor in SEO and can directly influence page rankings.

Can you analyze competitors with Can I Rank?

Competitor analysis is not specified. Without this feature, content creators might find it challenging to benchmark against competitors and miss out on crucial insights that could inform their content strategies.

How many projects can you manage with Can I Rank?

The number of projects is not specified. This limitation might affect content creators managing multiple brands or websites, as they may need to use additional tools to handle their project load.

What integrations does Can I Rank have?

Integration capabilities are not specified. Integrations are important for content creators looking to streamline their workflow by connecting the SEO tool with other platforms like content management systems or marketing software.

Is my data safe with Can I Rank?

Yes, data security is ensured. This is crucial for content creators who handle sensitive information and need assurance that their data and that of their clients is protected against unauthorized access.

Is there a free version of Can I Rank?

There is no permanent free version, but a 7-day free trial is available. This allows content creators to test the tool before committing financially, which can influence their decision on whether it fits their workflow.

How do I contact Can I Rank support?

Support is available via email. This may affect content creators who require immediate assistance or more interactive support options.

Can I get a refund from Can I Rank?

Yes, there is a 30-day refund policy. This reduces the financial risk for content creators trying out the tool, providing a safety net if it does not meet their expectations.

Other Notable Key features – Can I Rank Review:

Now, let’s get into the key features that this tool promises to deliver. I’ve closely analyzed each feature in my Can I Rank review through practical examples to provide you with a real experience of this tool just by reading this article.


This in-depth exploration will assist you in making an informed decision about whether investing in Can I Rank is the right move for you.

Upto 80/Day Keyword Reports

Can I Rank provides up to 80 keyword reports daily, offering a comprehensive view of potential keywords your website can target. These reports are instrumental in identifying high-opportunity keywords with lower competition, enabling a strategic approach to content creation and optimization.

Up to 100/Report Content Ideas

For content creators struggling with writer’s block, Can I Rank offers up to 100 content ideas per report. This feature leverages trending topics and keyword opportunities to suggest content that not only resonates with your audience but also has the potential to rank well.

Up to 200+ Keywords/Site

Can I Rank allows tracking of up to 200+ keywords per site, providing users with the ability to monitor a vast array of keywords relevant to their niche. This ensures that you can keep a close eye on your rankings and adjust your strategy as needed.

Up to 1000 Link Opportunities

Link building is made easier with Can I Rank, offering up to 1000 link opportunities. This feature identifies potential backlink sources, helping improve your site’s authority and search engine rankings.

200/Month Bonus Report

Subscribers receive 200 bonus reports each month, giving an extra boost to their SEO efforts. These reports offer deeper insights and additional recommendations to further refine your strategy.

853% More Traffic

Can I Rank boasts an impressive track record, with users experiencing up to 853% more traffic. This significant increase is a testament to the effectiveness of the tool’s SEO strategies and recommendations.

5000+ New Rankings

Users have reported gaining over 5000 new rankings on search engine results pages, highlighting Can I Rank’s capability to enhance visibility and attract more organic traffic.

500% More New Clicks

The tool has also been instrumental in increasing new clicks by up to 500%, driving more traffic to users’ websites and improving engagement metrics.

An X-Ray Machine for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Described as an X-ray machine for SERPs, Can I Rank analyzes over 200 factors from 7 different sources, offering unparalleled insights into what it takes to rank #1 on Google.

Learn How to Rank #1 on Google in Under 60 Seconds

This feature simplifies the complexities of SEO, guiding users on how to achieve the coveted #1 ranking on Google quickly and efficiently.

Multi-Country Targeting

For businesses targeting a global audience, Can I Rank offers multi-country targeting, allowing for tailored SEO strategies across different geographical markets.

Marketing Audit

The marketing audit feature conducts a thorough review of your marketing strategies, identifying strengths and areas for improvement to enhance your overall online presence.

White Label Reports and Competitor Analysis

White-label reports enable agencies to present data in a branded format, while competitor analysis provides deep insights into competitors’ strategies, offering a blueprint for outperforming them.

Link Building, Keyword Difficulty, and Keyword Research

Finally, the tool excels in link building, keyword difficulty assessment, and comprehensive keyword research, equipping users with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of SEO with confidence.

Each of these features contributes to Can I Rank’s powerful suite of tools, designed to optimize your SEO efforts and drive substantial improvements in your website’s search engine rankings.

Whether you’re focusing on keyword research, content optimization, link building, or competitive analysis, Can I Rank offers a robust, data-driven approach to help you achieve your SEO goals.

Pricing Plans Can I Rank Review:

Can I Rank offer various pricing plans to accommodate the needs of individuals and agencies alike, each brimming with features tailored to enhance your SEO strategy?


Here’s a breakdown of what each plan offers:

Free Plan

  • Websites: Access to 1 website analysis
  • Keyword Reports: 5 total
  • SEO Reports: 5 total
  • Content Ideas: Limited suggestions
  • Rank Tracking: Limited capabilities
  • Link Opportunities: 20 total

The Free Plan is ideal for beginners who want to get a taste of what Can I Rank can offer without any financial commitment.

DIY Individual – US$ 49/Month

  • Websites: 1 website
  • Keyword Reports: 5 per day
  • SEO Reports: 3 per day
  • Content Ideas: 25 per report
  • Rank Tracking: 25+ keywords/site
  • Link Opportunities: 50 per month

The DIY Individual Plan is perfect for solo entrepreneurs and small website owners looking to step up their SEO game with daily insights and more content ideas.

DIY Pro – $79/Month

  • Websites: Up to 7 websites
  • Keyword Reports: 20 per day
  • SEO Reports: 10 per day
  • Content Ideas: 40 per report
  • Rank Tracking: 100+ keywords/site
  • Link Opportunities: 250 per month

The DIY Pro Plan offers a more robust toolset for growing businesses and professional bloggers who manage multiple websites and need extensive daily reports.

DIY Agency – $299/Month

  • Websites: Up to 25 websites
  • Keyword Reports: 80 per day
  • SEO Reports: 40 per day
  • Content Ideas: 100 per report
  • Rank Tracking: 200+ keywords/site
  • Link Opportunities: 1000 per month

The DIY Agency Plan is the ultimate package for SEO agencies and large businesses that require extensive SEO analysis and a plethora of link opportunities to serve a larger client base.

Each plan is structured to provide more value as you move up the tiers, offering increased limits on reports and access to advanced features. The choice of plan should align with the scale of your SEO needs and the size of your operation..

Pros And Cons – Can I Rank Review


    • Provides actionable insights with AI-driven recommendations to improve SEO effectively.
    • Offers a user-friendly interface that makes navigating SEO data straightforward.
    • Generates detailed keyword and SEO reports that help identify opportunities for growth.
    • Includes a variety of tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, and link building.
    • Delivers personalized SEO action plans tailored to the specific needs of your website.


    • The abundance of suggestions requires time to sift through and find the most valuable ones.
    • May have a steeper learning curve for beginners unfamiliar with SEO principles.
    • The free version is limited in features, necessitating an upgrade for full functionality.
    • Automated keyword suggestions could be improved to offer more relevant options.
    • While comprehensive, the tool can overwhelm users with data, making prioritization challenging.

Exploring Alternatives to CanIRank: SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro

In the world of SEO tools, Can I Rank certainly carves out its niche, but it’s not the only player on the field. When considering alternatives, it’s essential to look at established names like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions Can I Rank on different online platforms.

Yes, SEO tools are invaluable for streamlining and enhancing your SEO strategy, providing insights and data that can significantly improve your site’s search engine ranking and visibility.

SEO tools are generally accurate for trend analysis and competitive insights, but the precision of specific metrics like search volume can vary between tools and over time.

SEO tools are necessary for anyone serious about optimizing their online presence, as they automate complex analyses and provide actionable guidance to compete effectively.

SEO tools are often expensive due to the significant amount of data they process, the advanced analytics they provide, and the continuous updates needed to keep pace with search engine algorithms.

Conclusion: Is CanIRank the Right SEO Tool for You?

Towards the end of my Can I Rank review, I have concluded that this tool is an AI-driven SEO tool that excels in providing actionable insights, a user-friendly interface, and a suite of features that cover various aspects of SEO.

It’s designed to streamline SEO management with efficiency and offers real-time data that can empower content creators like you and me to make informed decisions.

For more of such in-depth AI tools analysis, visit our AI reviews at

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